I have been playing around (not playing) guitar for about 10 years off and on.

I can play A G C2 D E and Eminor pretty well, C a little, No way F works, a version of Bforget what it really is called.

Take too long to switch between chords.

I know the answer is practice more.

Here is the issue. Our smaller church suddenly is going to find itself without musicians. Have about 2 months.

We sing everything from hymns to some modern stuff (?) like Amazing grace my chains are gone.

I have been looking into open tuning where you can barre every major chord, and minor is only 2 fingers.

Which is really easy with 4 strings, sound ok too.

Maybe a little harder to play things like G/B but could just play the B.

Even looking at only using 43-5 strings, cigar box guitars use 3 or 4 and read about some using 5 as they find it easier to barre.

Any thoughts or help greatly appreciated.


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It's a possibility, but I would recommend the Bminor alternatives I suggested above - they are equally easy.

OK Thanks

No, that's not true. They're very different sounding chords. Even without knowing theory, just look at the notes involved in typical guitar voicing of these chords:

G/B (low to high): B D G D G

Bm (low to high: B F# B D F#

The G/B really doesn't have a "minor" sound. I'd just sweat through getting the Bm form. You need that form to get through most songs (it'll be a common VI- chord).

While there are some songs that you can interchange Bm and G/B (thinking You Are Holy) it is not a rule by any means. Sorry, but you MUST learn Bm.

Don't do open tunings.  You'll regret it.  Guitar is not that hard.  Use a capo and play in keys you know.  Don't learn chords, learn the typical chords used in a key.  In other words, play songs, don't learn chords.  If a song requires a chord you don't know, learn it for that song.  It will come in handy for other songs.  Again, Capo, capo, capo.


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