I was once involved in a "Limerick" discussion on an other forum and some of discussions were quite entertaining not to mention some of the limericks.

There were two or three people who were so quick at writing them at times they were virtually holding conversations in Limericks.

So any thoughts you have on Limericks, or how have you used Limericks?

Or just share your Limericks (No rude ones please!)

I'll make a start.

There are people on Worship the Rock

Who talk about God quite a lot

The give him such praise

The world they amaze

And silence the people who mock.

David Bull.

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How's this:

There was a young man who lead praise team
Who was considered in all ways extreme
He would stand up in front
And sing with a grunt
And out of his ears would come steam

I've gotta say, they're usually associated with bawdy content, but one can still be humorous and clean at the same time!
Usually bawdy? I say, old chap, have you never read Lewis Caroll?

Our Stevo thought limericks crude,
With content that's usually rude,
But when Dave composes,
With literary roses
And cleanness this genre is imbued.

Keep them coming, boys and girls!

They seem to be the choice form of entertainment for certain classes of drunkards in certain parts of the world.
There once was a very old vicar
Who got cross when he heard someone snicker.
He let out a roar,
Then collapsed to the floor -
He'd been let down, it seems, by his ticker.

...or liquor!

A young man, who took up the flute
Wished to serve in the church by this route.
But his bad intonation
Made the whole congregation
Send the flute the quick route down the chute.

Maybe someone else should write one!
That one was good.
.........a compliment Stevo doth pay?
A one for the diary I'd say.
Oh, the limericks are excellent
With their humourous content
But Stevo, you just made my day : )
Lorraine my dear internet friend
Lim-ricks I have certainly writt-en
So joyous you are
For reasons bizarre
But may your good fortune not end!
First I am zen, then I'm bizarre
Now I think that's carrying it way too far
Then again, thinks I
And I could not lie
It takes one to know one, blah blah!

Ok, not the best last line ever written : (
The worship Leader struck a new chord
so that the congregation wouldn't get bored
We sang new song of praise
But their enthusiasm we could not quite raise
So we just gave them "Shout to the Lord" ! :)

The meter is not quite right, but oh well!


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