I was once involved in a "Limerick" discussion on an other forum and some of discussions were quite entertaining not to mention some of the limericks.

There were two or three people who were so quick at writing them at times they were virtually holding conversations in Limericks.

So any thoughts you have on Limericks, or how have you used Limericks?

Or just share your Limericks (No rude ones please!)

I'll make a start.

There are people on Worship the Rock

Who talk about God quite a lot

The give him such praise

The world they amaze

And silence the people who mock.

David Bull.

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here's my late night effort...

There once was a guy with an axe
Who never quite seemed to relax
To strum with a flair
With a song and a prayer
Perhaps he should take up the sax
"Perhaps he should take up the sax"

A most excellent idea Andrea!!!!!!!!!

Now I'll give it a shot.

Jersey shore has a saxman named Letus
Who prays for the Spirit to meet us
He was such a head case
But now by God's grace
He goes to church service to greet us
Nice one
Well, it's an international site, so perhaps worth going round a few countries?

An Italian guitar-playing pastor
Maintained a strict diet of pasta.
He said, "Penne, I know
Just makes me strum slow
But spaghetti just makes me strum faster".
That's fab-tastic!
Haha! I'll remember that and only eat spaghetti when I'm playing guitar ;-)
One day I awoke with a dream
To worship with one single theme

don't want to be selfish and finish it all by myself...
..but a theme did not find
any place in my mind
so I'll pass that one on to my team!
OR ...
But the band would not play
in a harmonious way
So I decided to find a new team!
Both equally good.
Oh yea!


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