I've been praying about doing little things there to keep or order of service from being too routine.  Our pastor is an interim and commutes on Wednesdays and Sundays so other than the occasional email the order is up to my planning.

This Sunday I'm thinking of having people give a quick time of thanks after a song.

What else do you do from time to time on a Sunday morning?

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Few things are worse than standard routines for our worship offering to God, it promotes laziness and has the side effect of creating a tradition that eventually becomes more important than the actual act of worship.

The church I'm in changes things up. Not only do we change the order of the service around, we also change up the stage presentation.

In one church, we coordinated heavily with the senior pastor intentionally placing music, sermon, and other elements in different places. This took a lot of work, but it helped everything retain an element of importance.
Yes, all good ideas. I do as much of this as I can, but with a commuting pastor it's hard. When we get a new full timer we will likely do more of this.
I think this is great! I think changing things when you can is a great idea. Churches are very full of idolatrous people who will find an idol in anything (I know it sounds odd to mention idolatry here, but our culture worships form and function easily). I can't tell you the number of times I have broken somebody's ability to worship because I moved the piano from here to there.

Some churches even change crosses up or don't put them on stages at all because of idolatry problems. It sounds ironic, but I have experienced this first hand. Start messing with people's image and pattern of church and you'll open the door to being able to teach real Godly worship.
I think there is a need for balance. You don't want things to get stale (been guilty of that), but the other extreme seems to be that you are constantly offering something new and congregation never gets down with it. That's why I liked the title to your thread - "little things...". It implies that we can do small things without disrupting things too much.

In my congregation, we are a little more set in our ways because we have a large population of older folks who don't do well standing up and sitting down a lot. In fact, they can't stand for long period. While I would like to tell them that stretching and yoga will help this, it's not my place. So I'm looking forward to suggestions from this thread. Thanks!
This sounds interesting! I'm curious to know the thoughts for this one...


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