I have started playing again, trumpet and flugelhorn and have been sitting in with some of the local concert bands.

I would like to play also with a church worship group/band. My local church band doesn’t use those instruments. Any advice

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Don't know if you have the funds to do this but if transposing is a big enough issue, get a trumpet in C.




I have to say that the thought had crossed my mind, but if the group leader doesn’t want brass players then having a C trumpet wont help. On the other hand it is always good to have a choice of instrument thanks for the web link I will have a look on the internet   

I hope to say this without any criticism at all intended or implied, but I think the main problem could be that many worship leaders know what they want from guitars, percussion, keyboards etc, as they are more familiar with those instruments, but they have no really good ideas what brass players are capable of nor what sounds good on brass.

Perhaps not really a sinister embargo on brass as such, just unfamiliarity - or a bad experience.

Sorry I'm late catching up with this thread ......... too busy blowing my own .........


I have to agree you may be right ........ but how to change this view

That's another question

I changed it simply by asking (sax, not brass).  I doubt if anyone else will find 'parts' for you, so you'll probably have to find them on your own.  It was mindboggling in the beginning learning 6 or 7 new tunes a week, but eventually most came back into the rotation and I didn't have to learn it anew.  There were some that I just played long tones on the chorus, some that I played shaker/tambourine or nothing at all, and some with good sized parts and instrumental solos that the lead guitar player graciously laid back on.  That was maybe 4 years ago and now the new worship leader adds instrumental sections to the material just to play over.  It would help you at first to get as many chord sheets as you can to transpose and some copies of the recording in the key used.  Most of the material is probably on YouTube.


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