I am working on a song called My Savior's Love that is nearing completion, but I need some bg vocalists for the down chorus (possibly for other parts of the song as well, but especially for the down chorus).  Please give the song a listen and should get an idea of what I am trying to do.

If you have the ability to load an mp3/m4a into your DAW, add your vocal part, and then save your raw vocal part as a separate mp3/m4a file AND if you are interested in working FOR FREE, let me know!

Thank you for your consideration!

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Background I'd guess.

Back ground vocals

I actually got a good amount of help.  I never got the BGV's but the song has had so many edits since then, it doesn't require them anymore.  This is the collection of songs I am working on now (a few older, most have been written recently):



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