Hello all! Our pastor is preaching a series of sermons in Nov. on stewardship and the theme is God
's unlimited grace and glory as tied to us being good stewards of that unlimited grace and glory. He would like to have a song that we can use each week as our theme song. We are looking for a song that is catchy, not a traditional hymn and  something new to the congregation. We usually sing songs that are  in the "CCLI Top 25" sort of range. We are looking for something comparable but a little more off the beaten path if you know what I mean. I know that this group can help!!! Thank you in advance!!

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Hi, I have come across two songs that seem to fit very well with what you describe -

"Beautiful" by Cameron Pruitt
"Worthy, Mighty, Faithful" by Jennifer Bluhm

Both of these artists are here on WTR :)
Thank you so much, I will have a listen to these!
Here is a link to a song I wrote a few years ago on stewardship:


I originally recorded it with sort of a country feel, but the song can be adapted to other styles as well.

This is perfect!! Thank you so much! Is there any way to get the music or chord charts? I would absolutely love to use this!
A couple that might work are:

Great and Glorious by ALM UK

We'll Make It Loud by Gateway Worship


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