You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find Christian musicians without doing it the hard way, church by church!

I'm a rock guitarist/sound engineer just moved back down to London, and looking to meet other musicians who go to churches across the city.

Multiple vocalists, guitarists, pianists, bassists, drummers, songwriters, production engineers, flautists, triangle/tambourinists - anyone and everyone in the capital who wants to do something different, loud, upbeat, and striking with music and performance. Not just the usual Christian music like Hillsong, Tomlin etc, but all kinds of non/secular tunes.

I want to put an independent worship band together that's completely different - exciting, energetic, well-rehearsed, and crucially, is independent of a church: a band that gigs out there, in the world outside without preachy Christianese, that even people who aren't Christians really love.

If that's you too, drop me an email or a text, and let's go for a few beers and talk music!


07869 633699

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It's a shame you only want London based musicians (I can understand why!).  I'm a drummer in Cambridge and this sounds great.  All the best with it :-)

Cambridge is commutable! In fact, i've been in touch with 2 people there who have been interested. Can get you guys together if you like?

I'd definitely be interested in finding out more. My email is sarita.owen @ gmail - feel free to drop me a line :)


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