Looking for some feedback on a new worship project. If you like it, download for free!

Hey Everyone,

My name is Jimmy Ward. I’m a worship leader from Sacramento California.  I’ve had the absolute pleasure of leading worship every Sunday morning at Warehouse Christian Ministries for the past 2+ years now. I’ve just recently finished my debut worship album called “Home" and I was just hoping to get some feedback from other worship folks. The idea behind the record was to put together a collection of originals, covers, and hymns that represent me as a worship leader. When I started leading worship full-time at WCM I immediately started recording the music that I brought to the congregation every Sunday.  They are songs that I am passionate about and my hope is that the passion translated onto the record. 

Instrumentation and production wise, I really wanted to stick to guitars only. So I used 4-5 different guitars and amps. I played swells and lines to fill up the space instead of using keys for pads. I wanted it to be atmospheric and textured without being too spacey and dark. I wanted to create an experience. Anyway, let me know what you think. If you like it, email me(jimmywardmusic at gmail.com) or get in touch with me here or on my other social media sites and I'll give you a free code to download the record. I’m really looking forward to connecting to other worship leaders and musicians here!

You can listen to the entire album “Home” here - http://jimmyward.bandcamp.com

also, for any social media types:
connect with me on twitter here - www.twitter.com/jimwardmusic
or facebook - www.facebook.com/jimwardmusic

Talk to you all soon!


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hey Jimmy. I like what I hear. sounds good.
Yeah, I like it too, and I'm a keyboard player, not a guitarist, so must be something in it!
Thanks guys! good to hear some encouraging words, especially from a keyboard player :)
Well done. I found myself worshiping God. I really liked your versions of "It Is You" & "Wonderful Maker". Who is your back up vocal? Excellent job!
Thanks for the feedback Jerry. I appreciate it. The bgv's were all done by people I'm privileged to sing with every Sunday. I had 3 different women sing on various songs. Marilyn Mann is the singer on the two tracks you mentioned. She's awesome. I'm blessed :)

"Home" is an truly inspirational album. I really like "Here Before You", very good work. You should invite me to come out and play with you sometime, do a good rehersal and performance live. I would be honored. I've been playing the acoustic and electric for over 20 years, Boston alumni with a major in music theory. Contact me and jam with a prince sometime! I'm sure we would both get something valuable out of playing together! Peace be with you!


Prince Michael
Hey Michael. thanks so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it!


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