Can anyone give me some song ideas that involve fire, revival fire, passion etc?

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There is a song by Robin Mark (on the album Revival in Belfast) called "Revival" in which the chorus says, "Revive us with your fire"

One of my favorites is "Consuming Fire" by Tim Hughes.  Another one that comes to mind is "Refiner's Fire" by Brian Doerksen.  The hymn "Revive Us Again" is also another good one about revival, and the last verse also mentions "fire".  

All consuming fire by Misty Edward, you wont relent y Jesus culture, draw me close-wrap me in your arms by

William Macdowell

"Holy Ghost Fire"  (rock/gospel) by D&S Waggoner

A request for the fire of the Holy Spirit to purge out all the dross.

A couple of other suggestions:

Fire,there's a fire (Paul Oakley or Stuart Townend) - good at Pentecost

Light the fire again (Brian Doerksen) - based on the passage in Rev 3


This has been one of my favorites recently.

Fire Never Sleeps - Martin Smith

"Like a fire" by planetshakers

Some really good suggestions already -- might I add more?

Spirit Of God - Michael Gungor
All Consuming Fire & Take Me In - Jesus Culture
Fire Fall Down - Hillsong
Fires - Matt Redman - 10,000 Reasons
Glory Come Down – Jason Upton
Raging Fire - Will Rayburn
Set A Fire - Will Reagan & The United Pursuit Band
Start a Fire - AWE
Burning In Me - Glenn Packiam
Burn In Me - Tim Reimherr
Burn For You - Fee
Fuel - SonicFlood
Fully In Love - Jon Thurlow
In The Silence – Jason Upton
Keep your lamps (trimmed and burning)

"More" by Doerksen.

'This is a church on fire' by Darlene and Hillsong

Here is an original of mine 'The Only One'

You're so the only one I want

You're so the only one I want

Your fire burning deep inside

To open blind eyes and let the dead rise!

Here is the how to video:

And here is the recorded version:

As you asked for ideas not songs, I would suggest you look at the reference in Malachi 3 about the one coming who would be a refiner of men. It seems it can only be a prophesy of Jesus. From there I would do a little reading about how gold refining is  done with fire. I believe it may give you some ideas about the work he is doing in our hearts. Hope this helps, Kent


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