Can anyone give me some song ideas that involve fire, revival fire, passion etc?

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I agree heartily, Kent; and this thought might bring us forward to Pentecost (Acts 2), Christ baptising with the Holy Spirit and with fire, with the wind (representing the Spirit) and fire (representing the purifying effect of baptism in Christ) both as audible and visible realities on that day, and continuing to do this fiery work to the present.

"We didn't start the fire" by Billy Joel want worship songs...

Some other suggestions not yet mentioned:   and yeah--I know this was well over a month ago and you probably aren't looking anymore.


One we love to play is "Set Me On Fire" from (appropriately named) 'The Burn Service'.  It was originally done in youth services, but our aging congregation really belts it out too.  Simple chord progression of D for 2 beats, G for 2 beats,  C for a measure, repeat............ for the verse and chorus (shows C2 instead of C on chorus) and Em, D, C using the same pattern for the bridge.  It's one of those that I can wail away on sax as we have no lead guitar.


Another is Consuming Fire off Third Day's first recording--chord progression easily found on the web.  We're just starting to try this one out.


Finally--Send the Fire by Lendell Cooley--this was done in a church I was in about 12 years ago and I haven't even thought about it til now.  It was pretty powerful for us at that time though.

and the chords



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