Hi all,

Finished this one recently...maybe not fully congregational but might be good around communion etc.


If You're looking for perfection look elsewhere

I am bruised and I'm broken everywhere

Surely there's no way I'll ever heal

Yet for some reason You chose to die for me

Have You ever searched the thoughts inside my head

Have You heard the things I whisper to myself

Surely I'm as far from perfect as can be

Yet for some reason You chose to die for me

You took my sin and shame

Buried it in the grave

Your love was unexpected

I know I don't deserve it

But You came and rescued me

Your love was unexpected

There was always a way for me to grace

I've been part of Your plan for all these days

Though the eyes of my heart could not see

There is a reason You chose to die for me

Love is the reason

Love is the reason

Love is the reason

You chose to die for me

Love is the Reason

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Great song Joe! I like it and think it certainly could be congregational. Thanks for sharing!

Ooh yes, this song sounds beautiful.  I love it that it's just you and your acoustic so that you are able to concentrate on the words and melody without the distraction of other stuff going on, which is not always what every song needs.  

Spot n Joe : )

Hi Joe...

Thanks for sharing this song with us. What a blessing!

I enjoyed this very much.

That's a really nice song Joe.

I'd slightly question the reason Jesus chose to die in the chorus, and suggest that it was out of obedience and love to the Father, so that His creation could be redeemed. God so loved the world.... but I'm not sure that could be reasonably applied to us in the way that it often is current evangelical thinking, as though His love for each of us personally was the fundamental driver behind His specific action. Yes, He loves us more than any other, but all else pales compared to being obedient so that He might sit at the right hand of the Father.

But that doesn't make a nice chorus. ;-)

Christian CD's that sell more than 100,000 copies have these qualities about their music in at least one of the songs:

1) The song has three consecutive notes of a major scale (so A,B,C, or F,E,D) as examples and you do that many times throughout the song.

2) The vast majority of them have six or more tones of a scale in the song.

3) The good song quotes a bible verse or has words that immediately cause you to think of a certain bible verse.

4) The good song often will sing for 6-8 seconds, pause, and then sing for 6-8 seconds. Do that throughout the song.

Try these four things in one song even if you do not agree with it, and I can assure you the people around you will be extremely impressed with your song(s). So will Nashville producers. 

This is beautiful, thanks so much for sharing!

Joe - are you in a praise & worship team?


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