I'm loving the more informative emails that are coming through now. I had, to be honest, given up on trying to keep track of threaded discussions but getting the updates to a discussion in my inbox, allowing me to decide whether I want to chip in again without rescanning the whole discussion, is great.

Thanks Phil!


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Yes, they work well.
Glad you like them Wulf! I'm also finding them really useful. Glad Ning have added this as an option now!

Sorry for being dumb here, but, what emails do you mean?

Thanks. Lorraine
Don't you get messages each time somebody replies to a discussion you have contributed to? It might be a setting somewhere on your account? I can see an option to stop following this discussion just below the "Add Reply" button from here.

Nope, not had any messages, and I can see why this is a good idea 'cos I forget what and who I have replied to.

As I am typing......below 'add reply', it says 'follow - email me when people reply' - do I click onto the 'follow' then? Do I do this everytime, or will it be saved?

Take a look at your email settings. I have almost everything selected, which means my email inbox becomes a tool to keep up to date with the site and I automatically follow any discussion I start or contribute to.

If you click on follow, you will keep up to date with this one, but the settings route is less hassle in the longer term (you can always stop following conversations that go on too long).

Hey thanks Wulf, have done what you said........I didn't know that email settings existed, I've never been into it before and didn't even know where to look for it. Well, you learn something new everyday : ) Again, thank you.

........now, that's more like it : ) They are coming through now! The daughters are jealous though, 'cos I'm gettng more e-mails than them : )
On seconds thoughts.........seriously, I'm getting too many emails now and finding it hard to sift through them when I come in from work as I am missing some of my personal/work emails. I've tried unticking some of the boxes - the one where you are informed if someone replies to a discussion you have been involved in, but they are still coming through. Which one is it? Thanks.

What email software do you use? On Gmail (my choice) and certainly on several other email systems I know, it is possible to filter your incoming messages. You could highlight WTR emails in a particular colour or even stick them in a separate folder waiting your attention.

...drr. I'm not good at computer teminology, I am on AOL, there probably is a way of filtering, it's just that it's never cropped up before and I have never thought about it. I will take a look, 'cos I really do like to be informed about the goings on on WTR, but trying to sift through them all, plus all the rubbish I receive also!

Thanks Wulf for your trouble, it's very much appreciated.

Hey, I even managed to change my profile yesterday, in a fashion!


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