Every once in a while you are given the gift of writing. Some are gifted in this and some just grasp this tallent for a moment and write a few select words that make readers feel something real. Sometimes it hurts to read and sometimes it warms the heart. I would like to read some of those moments, some of those precious words that made your desire to remember them forever. Maybe those words that "GOD SPOKE TO YOU"! LEts hear them.

Here are a few of the words/ verses to songs or poems from my journals.


"I am longing to be touched by the one who captivates me,

By the one from who's blood salvation flows"


"I am breaking, this love is facinating, the way you move me with just a simple word"


"What happens when the road seems to long? Will you pick me up and carry me before I fall?

Are you gonna walk beside me when fear sets in? Are you gonna be the one on which i depend?"


"Arms open wide, selfishness aside, I seek your presence oh King,

I'll lay down my life , just for one taiste of your love!"


"There is nothing left of me, You're everything I need,

Wont you please hide me in the shadow of your wings"


"Through this river I will walk, to the quiet place with you"


"Whats it like to see the beauty in your eyes? Whats it like to know the glory on your face?"


"My heart has heard you calling, and my soul has known your song"


"The waves crashed and the storms raged on, and in His last moments, we were on His mind!"


"I love the way when we find you rlove, you pour it over our broken souls, I am so entangled in the sweetness of your love. every breath of life, every second of every moment spent with you, I love"


"I feel you in the quiet of the morning sunrise, oh how I long to lose my self and find myself in your eyes"


"The way we use to be, when I was always at your feet, no tears in my eyes, now I cant keep them dry"


Now its your turn, post some of your favorites on here, we would love to hear them.



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Love it!

I don't write poetry, just silly tweets. So I have nothing to contribute.

Thank you for sharing, though.
A line from a song I wrote 35 years ago as a new believer
celebrating my very first Christmas as a Christian- - -

But Jesus was more than just an excuse for another holiday...
Probably my favourite lines I ever wrote are:

'In the morning light, an empty tomb
and fear turns to joy, because of You'

and line 3 from:

'Jesus has died and taken all upon himself,
exhausts its power, endures its pain
and in the face of hate cries "Father forgive"
arms open wide, embraces all '

Not, perhaps, so poetic as yours Chad....
i wrote a song a while back aimed at non believers and one line im proud of is:

'people say death is the end, but what if it was just the start?'.......

God bless,
What I like about your lines, Chad, is that they are free of cliche. I sometimes take ideas like this and turn them into poems if I don't think I can get songs out of them. I started posting some of them at www.evdaypoems.blogspot.com

thats awesome chad!!!

a chorus of a lil song i wrote,

"your love, reaches to the depths of me,
Healing every part of me, Your heart is revealed

Your grace, Constantly reminding me,
How you showed your love for me, Your Heart is revealed"
Never written a lick but had recently found out my husband was seriously ill. I was so afraid and couldn't sleep. Was up all night and this is the result:

(God Make It OK)
In the silence of my room
I hear the clock upon the wall
I sit in quiet desperation
Into the night I call
I wait for you to answer me
Oh I yearn for you to say
It will be alright my child
I’m with you here today

Take me to the place I know your peace
Passes my understanding
Take me to the place I know
Your loving grace for me abounds
Let me stand upon the flames of life
And know I am protected
Let me forge through heavy torrents Lord
And know I won’t be drowned, I won’t be drowned

As the darkness turns to day
The sounds of chirping fill the air
I embrace the warmth of morning’s light
I pray you’ll find me there
I wait for you to answer me
oh I yearn for you to say
It will be alright my child
I’m with you here today

‘Cause I feel all alone in the darkest night
But I look to the sky and the stars are bright
I can just hear your voice saying “I’ll make it right
‘Cause my yoke is easy
and my burden’s light”
*Based on Psalm 118

Bind me to your altar/I am an unwilling sacrifice/I will not go gently/I consider it too high a price

Tie me down/Bind me with cords/I want to hold on to my life/So many times I crawl off your altar/Still an unwilling sacrifice
we see your light

repat the frist 2 lnes we see the light
yes we do see your light yes we do yes we do oooo
yes we see your light


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