So we gather to glorify God, worship Him, share news of what He's doing and much more.  But so often, I think we take ourselves too seriously.  We get caught up in the deeds and the serving and we maybe...once in a while...forget that we're doing it for God.  But when we are all focused on where God leads and are trying to do what He wants, the results can be amazing and the feeling can be great.  And during those times, church can be a great time for everyone.


So my question is this:  How do you make church fun for you and for everyone?  What skills, talents, etc. do you bring to church that opens the opportunity for God to work through you and enrich the lives of others?  What do others in your congregation do and how do they serve that allows you to have fun in church?  I look forward to your responses!

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Just for fun:
"Fun" is an old word (ME fonne, or foolishness) that Americans (at least according to Dickens or somebody) introduced into the language, though the meaning has shifted to "lively, joyous play or playfulness; amusement, sport, recreation, etc." Do you British respondents use the word "fun" commonly today, at least as lavishly as Americans do?

Myself, I have tons of fun at church, a lot of it in the process of making music and watching the sounds enrich lives and hearts. But also, just meeting with friends inevitably results in joyful encounters, good humor, and sometimes outrageous fun, juxtaposed to wonderful serious contemplation of God's glory and love. Part of love is helping sad people have fun, or get to where they can have fun again. The other part is bringing good food to potlucks, so people can have fun instead of disappointment.

Consider: You can't say "fundamentalist" or write "funeral" without using that wonderful word, Fun!
what fun
I don't think that us Brits use the word 'fun' quite so lavishly as our friends in the US. I, myself would never think of using the word 'fun' when describing church.

I tend to use the word in a negative, sort of sense. For example, I would say something like 'Well, that was fun!' meaning that it wasn't fun at all. Or, 'This should be fun', meaning that it would be complicated!

I would tend to use te word more with children than adults when describing something.

Please note...........I am not speaking on behalf of all Brits here, cos dialogue in Britain can vary so much, depending on whether you are a Northerner or Southerner!
Certainly you've heard the Irish phrases, "bucket o' fun" and "tons o' fun"?
I once watched a comedy horror spoof in which a giant blanc-mange was on the loose; but it didn't kill its victims, it turned them into bagpipe-skirling Scots!

...and now I am on the staff at Kelso High School, which makes me an official... Scot!
Oh, you're talking about a Monty Python episode. Season 1, Episode 7, right?
maybe if we make it fun enough Jesus would get down from the cross to join in
Wow, what a novel idea.
not very original i admit, but does that matter, as long as we all go mad with fun, fun, fun and more fun
ha ha ha, you got it -now go do what you have to do quickly
I don't know. We just turned on the TV and turned the knob until a non-fuzzy station came into view, got the horizontal hold working properly, started watching, and this blanc-mange just appeared and we laughed ourselves into seamless, dreamless oblivion that night.
If it played tennis, that was the episode. And Michael Palin played Angus Mcteague.


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