So we gather to glorify God, worship Him, share news of what He's doing and much more.  But so often, I think we take ourselves too seriously.  We get caught up in the deeds and the serving and we maybe...once in a while...forget that we're doing it for God.  But when we are all focused on where God leads and are trying to do what He wants, the results can be amazing and the feeling can be great.  And during those times, church can be a great time for everyone.


So my question is this:  How do you make church fun for you and for everyone?  What skills, talents, etc. do you bring to church that opens the opportunity for God to work through you and enrich the lives of others?  What do others in your congregation do and how do they serve that allows you to have fun in church?  I look forward to your responses!

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My wife loves doing fun skits for the childrens talk before the sermon. It is full of fun with simple message that even the adults get. :)

So yea , you can have fun that doesn't bring others down in church, and still be mindful of where your are.

Oh, I am not as good as she is, but one that comes to mind, was the Super Dooper Washing Machine ( S.D.W.M.).

Debby ( my wife)  got a large card board box with a single lid  and covered it with white paper. And wrote the word Super Dooper Washine Machine on the front.  All the kids would be out the front ( that usually go to kids Church ( Sunday School) sitting around the stage as usual. They have several different people that just love doing kids talks/ skits btw.


Anyway , you get one child, who can fit in the box and she told the story about how the blood of Christ cleans us and what He can do for all of us etc etc. and that His blood is like a S. D. W. M. The kid has a T-shirt on that is stained like grass/dirt ice cream on it and is helped into the box. Deb used a small older girl for the demo, just so not to worry any of the younger kids.

She pops down and pops back up with a clean white T-shirt on( which is in the box prior to the skit. There is more to the skit of course , but you get the flow of it, I hope. Usually, the talks are quick and fun style for the little ones to get , and with enough in it to get through to the adults too. The kids get to feel they are part of the family of the church and get used to being in church too.



Yes - I agree with you that even adults could figure this one out (Jesus really had a problem with adults being so dense*, but He said that we would do "these and greater things"!).


*Particularly that one with the sower, where the weeds choke the young plant.  That one is baffling!


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