So we gather to glorify God, worship Him, share news of what He's doing and much more.  But so often, I think we take ourselves too seriously.  We get caught up in the deeds and the serving and we maybe...once in a while...forget that we're doing it for God.  But when we are all focused on where God leads and are trying to do what He wants, the results can be amazing and the feeling can be great.  And during those times, church can be a great time for everyone.


So my question is this:  How do you make church fun for you and for everyone?  What skills, talents, etc. do you bring to church that opens the opportunity for God to work through you and enrich the lives of others?  What do others in your congregation do and how do they serve that allows you to have fun in church?  I look forward to your responses!

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yes! it played tennis! and they pronounced the pastry "blah-manzh.
Hey, I can remember that one. Out of interest, does Monty Python humour appeal to Americans then?
I own the complete set of the Flying Circus as well as two of the movies, so I guess one could say - "yes".
In certain circles, yes.
As a teenager I remember everyone ranting about Monty Python, I never quite grasped it though! I remember the one where they hit each other with a fish and the Ministry of Silly Walks.

I am intrigued.........Cory, you say, 'in certain circles', what kind of circles? In all honesty I don't think that I was intelligent enough to understand all of the humour.
We have quite a bit in common with y'all, for instance an almost obsessive love of knighthood, honour, and such. We name our fancy suburban streets "Brentwood", "Hamiltonshire", "Alanadale", while the slum neighborhoods get "Washington", "Jefferson" and "Lincoln". We are a strange folk. King James Bible language is still used in prayers and songs, at times even in progressive churches. We gobble up Lewis and Tolkien; and having a smooth London accent guarantees that Americans will assume you are intelligent.

So quite a few Yanks enjoy Monty Python.
Sorry no slots to reply........Greg, I am finding this so interesting - the things we have in common and also our differences. When I 'talk' on here I often wonder if people understand some of the words I use. I try not to use too much English slang, but the odd word slips out.

Do you understand? I don't always understand all of what some folk write, so have to read on, to catch the drift somewhere along the lines. There are times when people write funny things and reply to each other and I am thinking 'What??' It's great fun though - just realised I have used the word 'fun' in a positive sense : )
"In certain circles" Some people get it (at least enough to enjoy it) others totally don't.

It seems like most people in theater or academia seem to really enjoy python while those outside of those circles don't. Of course, that assessment is somewhat "stereotypical" in nature as the rule as presented is probably not quite as broad as it indicates.
I think he is!
Ah, Kelso, not too far from me, but then again in Britain nowhere is too far. The small town where I live is officially the Centre of Britain.
i went to the Monty Python school of Theology, but that is not because i am a naughty boy
My church or I should say a few of us in church have kind of "warped sense of humors". It seems to flow into our creativeness when doing skits. We have more fun doing the skit/ video etc. than the actual presentation. That makes it fun. Sometimes we'll get an idea and think that this is the only way to do it and then after a while, they begin to see it "my way" and then it's fun again. OK, I'm just joking again.
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