Please share your weekly (or bi-weekly!) set lists here - thanks!

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Sunday Morning Worship, 3-8-09

Am - LOVE OVERWHELMING [Greg Skodacek]
D - BELIEVE IN YOU [Greg & Becky Skodacek]
D - RESCUE [Jared Anderson]
D - EXODUS 15/SHEILD ABOUT ME [Frank Gallio, Donn Thomas, Charles Williams]
Em - EXALT THE LORD [Cindy Rethmeier]
Em - MORE LOVE MORE POWER [Jude del Hierro]
D - IN YOUR FREEDOM [Raymond Badham, Marty Sampson]
For the set list for March 8 I felt like I should use songs along the theme of consecration. (I like using songs that relate to one another or take us in a certain direction) We had a special speaker today and the songs seemed to fit perfectly with his message even though I didn't know what the message was. ( The Spirit does that alot)

Prelude: Walk (a brand new song by me)

Lord Reign in Me (Brenton Brown)
Re-create Me (a fast thrashy tune by me)
Take My Life (Scott Underwood)
Take My Life (the Chris Tomlin/Passion version)
Honestly (by me)

For an offertory we repeated Walk

Today was:
Love is Here (Tenth Ave North)
My Savior Lives (mix between Desperation/New Song Worship)
Faithful God (thank you ELMAN!!!!!!!)
To Know Your Name (Hillsong)

Note: Usually we do two fast-fast (clappable) songs, then a medium tempo and a slowish one - so this was a mix up for us to start with something like Love is Here! The transitions were tough on these songs, but kudos to our keyboard player who happened to lead them all today. Ray (hello out there Ray) usually does an awesome job on transitions too, but I guess it was Stacy's turn today!
So anyway, what started out as a question mark for me, turned out to be a powerful time of praise and worship for our church. Yea God!
This past Sunday, March 8th:

I wasn't able to lead worship for beaing at a men's retreat. My wife took the reins and put on a Phillips, Craid and Dean CD and just let it play for th worship time. She told me that it went well, that there were a few who picked up flags and began to wave them and a few danced (doesn't happen too often) Different arrangement for the service since several of the men were away at the retreat, but very well received.
Your Love is Beautiful / Your Grace is Enough / Great is your faithfulness / I Owe You My Worship / He Knows My Name / Made Me Glad

Touching Heaven Changing Earth / Church on Fire / Revival Fire / More Love, More Power / Anointing Fall On Me / All Honor

More Than I Imagined / On My Lips / I Stand In Awe / You Are Worthy / You Deserve The Glory

Make It Glorious / Everyone / Adonai / Light Of The World / I Sing Praises To Your Name / You Deserve The Glory

There was a time when we used to Mark an item in our line up called Free Worship. Now its so spontaneous, we can never tell when either us or the congregation might break up into free worship. We linger after every song in the same chord pattern just to let the message of the song complete and sink in. (Well unless its a medley)
29th March

Opening: God is our strength and refuge (Richard Bewes) - tune: Dambusters March

Children's song: Lord, I lift your name on high (Rick Founds)

Worship medley: (1) Kyrie (Steve Merkel), (2) The wonder of the cross (Vicky Beeching), (3) And can it be (Charles Wesley/Phillip Wang)

Offertory: I will trust you in the darkness (Rob Smith)

Closing: Blessed assurance (Fanny Crosby)
Hi Peter,
How many on the Worship team at St G's knows to use this website? Glad to see I could find this info here too. Looking VERY forward to working more closely with you while praising the Lord through music.
March 15th

I am free
mighty to save

fields of grace

march 8th
Your grace is enough
better is one day
mighty to save
love lifted me(hymn)

friend of god
Sunday Morning, March 15th.

F - GOD'S NOT DEAD [Jeremy Scott]
G - CHRIST IS RISEN [Jeremy Riddle]
D - MY SAVIOR MY GOD [Aaron Shust]
D - AMAZED [Jared Anderson]
D - YET I WILL TRUST YOU [Ryan Delmore]
Dm - GRACE LIKE RAIN [Todd Agnew, Chris Collins, John Newton, EO Excell]
Great is Thy faithfulness
How great Thou art
The love of God
522 O the deep, deep love of JesusMorni
Communion hymn Come and see
O Lord our God, how majestic
You're the Word of God the Father (across the lands)
Praise Him you heavens
Over all the earth
699 Thou whose almighty word
March 15th

Trading My Sorrows
Sing For Joy
Redeemer, Savior, Friend
Grace Flows Down
Amazing Grace
You Are My All In All
Where can I find the lyrics to Adoration?


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