greetings -

 my name is Brother Timothy Clark and i am a new member here.

 i would like to help you all out and i pray somebody out there will get some use out of what i am offering today.

 in this world of Justin Biebers and Taylor Swifts, the question i think about on a regular bases is how do we as musicians  take that energy and use it to market the gospel through music?

there really isn't clear lines on this particular topic.

 here are just a few ideas that will help.

 i have used these and they've worked for me. 

1. market using secular sites. get on reverbnation, iTunes, google play and more.

i'm using reverbnation and i'm trending write now in their christian/gospel chart thanks to my song, that old rugged cross 

 2. market your material to radio stations that will play your style of christian music. after this, take that secular site such as reverbnation and use that to drive people to the network who's offered to play your track. this way, you stay relevant on the page that's hosting your music and you stay relevant with the network playing your track.

when a network requests your material, don't send them an attachment. make your music downloadable and send them to your page. i personally use reverbnation. so, when a network offers to play my music, i send them a direct link to my track where they can download it for free. this way it keeps people coming to my reverbnation profile as well as driving up both plays and downloads.


 3. choose a site like reverbnation and stick with it. 

 begin sending people to the site that will best help you. take people's e-mails and add them to your fan list, offer people incentives and always always always remember, treat them how you would want to be treated. make sure the site you choose has widgets. this way you can imbed  them on your blogs which brings me to point number four.

 4. use your platform and drive people to it by imbedding widgets that when people click on your blog it will add a click to your reverbnation for example. it will look like this. 

 clicking on that link will add a click to my reverbnation profile which will help me move up the charts and will also as a result, allow me to network with more artists and labels and those who check the christian/gospel chart. this is the main way i am trending write now on reverbnation. 


 the mistake i see people making is once they get the widget imbedded on their blog, they will stop there. this is not advisable. what you want to do is post your widget on a few blogs. this way you continue to drive traffic. it doesn't matter what template you use as long as it get's up there. it should look something like this. 

 what you want to do after that is link the two blogs together. 

 this way you drive traffic. 


 why use blogspot?

it's google's blogging platform which means you show up first on their search engines.

anyway, there you are. this is a wealth of information i know but it's something that i believe people can use when marketing their material. 

God bless

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Hello Tim.

Another method is to write short articles and post them in places that you hope may generate sales of your product.

sure that would work. 

 the point is to all of this is you  need to be creative and you must be motivated to try new things. 


 God bless


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