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Hosanna - Baloche
Glory to Your Name
God Who Reigns
Hallelujah to My King - Baloche
How He Loves - John Mark McMillan

Better is One Day - Redman
3rd of May Set List for the Bread of Life Outreach ministries

1 - God is Good All the Time
2 - You Are My King (Amazing Love)
3 - Because of You
4 - For all You've Done
5 - You Shine

6 - I Adore You
Great God
I've Seen I Am
You Shine
Great Big God
You Are Beautiful
Singers: Bruce & Sheelagh
MP 1046 Give thanks to the Lord (G) Intro: Sing Praise, Sing Praise
MP 809B Blessed be the name (Kids) (D), Intro: last two lines of verse
MP 296 I stand amazed (G) Intro: Whole verse (VVC,VVC,VC) (Neil you'll get used to my abbreviations V=Verse C= Chorus)
MP 473 My hope is built (G) Intro: Chorus
MP 990 I will offer (communion hymn) (D) (Gently - Intro: first 2 lines)

Singers: Sheelagh & Julie
Prior: Praise is rising (Sorry forgot to pick one for before the service)

Take us the river (D) Intro: 'For the spirit of the sovereign Lord...'
MP 864 I worship you almighty God (G) x 2, Intro: last line - straight into:
MP 872 Jesus, Jesus, holy and anointed one (G)
MP 1118 There must be more than this (G) Intro: first line
What a friend (F) Intro: Last line 'we should never...'

CCMH Communion Sunday Worship - 5-3-09

G - I WILL STAND [Holland Davis]
G - OH GLORIOUS GOD [Greg Skodacek/ Ron Shaffer]
G - SWEETLY BROKEN [Jeremy Riddle]
A - THE STAND [Joel Houston]
D - AGE TO AGE (HIS GLORY APPEARS) [Darlene Zschech, Marty Sampson]
C - YOU SAW ME [Ben Fielding, Mia Fieldes, Reuben Morgan]
A - JESUS MESSIAH [D. Carson, C. Tomlin, E. Cash, J. Reeves]
Sunday, May 3rd

Let Your Praises Ring
Thank You, Lord
You Are My King (Amazing Love)
I Will Never Let Go
May 2nd/3rd

Lord, Reign in Me
God You Reign
Holy is the Lord
Majesty, Here I am
Your Name
May 10th
We Won't Be Quiet - Crowder
Go - Kristian Stanfill
Revive Us Again - John Kelley Band
Mighty To Save - Hillsong
Jesus Saved Me - John Kelley Band
For May 24th.

[opening set]
Call to Worship - Mark 11:9-10
Hosanna (Brooke Fraser)
I Stand Amazed (Charles Gabriel Hutchinson)
All That I Need (Dan Marks)
Louder Shout To Come (Matt Redman)

I Can Only Imagine (Bart Millard)

I feel a little "naked", just giving the set, so I going to add some explanation. The sermon will be Matt 19:16-22, on the Rich Young Man. Our pastor has already said it's going to be a "seeker" friendly service, so we have tried to avoid anything that 'scare' a new-comer during their first visit, so no bathing in a fountain of blood, etc. No overly esoteric terminology, and even with the first song, I will be reading a dictionary definition of the word "Hosanna".

As for flow, wanted something along a ACTS model. Hosanna is definitely the Adoration song. It's also uplifting (at least the way we're doing it) and meant to be a call to worship type of song. The next song is a hymn, which we try do at least one a set (in a semi-blended style). After that is a more thanksgiving song, with a seeker feel to it. We're hoping that it speaks to anyone in the audience that is the "dark-clouds" of their life, that God is all they need. All they need to do is ask for it. Lastly, the final song is a Supplication song, talking about Heaven, which eternity will be part of the following message. The response is a song that has gotten a lot of airplay a few years ago. The hope that if we have new-comers, they may have heard this song and not realized it's content. Hopeful hearing a bunch of people sing it, with passion and conviction might give them a glimpse of what this song is really talking about.

Lastly, a common thread through all the song is the word "song". Almost every song talks about singing to God (except All That I Need). It's subtle, but we're called to Sing to God a New Song (see Psalm 40:3, 33:3, Isaiah 42:10, etc)
for May 7 - thursday's service

Open the Eyes of my Heart
One Way
We Want To See Jesus Lifted High
When I Speak Your Name
You are/ You are Lord
Open the Eyes of My Heart

Walk by Faith

Be Still and Know

Faithful Father

The Word is Alive
Wednesday, May 6th.

Friend of God
Wonderful, Merciful, Savior
As the Deer
Awesome In This Place
Revelation Song


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