Each month we share our worship set lists with other members by simply copying and pasting our lists below. Please join us in sharing your worship set lists for May 2010 here.

This is a valuable resource as it's a great way of getting new song ideas to include in our own set lists. Please feel free to include as much (or as little) detail as possible - i.e. song name, songwriter name (e.g. artists name), when the song was written, what key you play it in, how the song "went down" with your congregation, how you merged it with another song etc.

You can post worship set lists from your Sunday services as well as any mid-week, cell group/house group meetings.

Thanks for participating!

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May is Mission Month at our church . Here is May 2:

He Reigns (Newsboys version)-children will "parade" around sanctuary with flags from 20 countries
Hear Our Praises
Your Name
I Love to Tell the Story- Hymn, tagged with Chorus from Your Name

May 9

Days of Elijah
Open the Eyes of my Heart
Send The Light-Hymn
All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises
Do not know if you have CCLI licensing but if you sign up for them, you can print pretty much any worship song with chord, lead and hymn charts in whatever key you need them in. But here it is in G
How did you save that as a pdf. I desperately need to get charts to people I can't give a login to song select to, so I'd love to figure out how to save the file like that.
You have to purchase song select separately. You must also have a CCLI license.
May 2 is my first time leading at my new home church and there are 2 other newbies in the band. This is what we've decided on:
Salvation is Here(mix between Brewster and United version in A)
How Great is Our God (Tomlin in C)
Nothing But the Blood (Matt Redman in A)
Nothing But the Blood (hymn in E)
Majesty (Delirious? version but with more acoustic guitars in A)

Lead Me to the Cross (Planning on doing it with just acoustic guitar and solo voice)
May 2:

opening song:
I will boast(Baloche)- D

Middle Set:
Your Name- Bb
Reign In Us(Starfield)- Bb
Surrender All(Parachute Band)- Bb

Commitment song:
How He Loves Us(Crowder)- C

MAy 9:

Everything Glorious(Crowder)- C

Middle Set:
God of This City(Tomlin)- C
Eagle’s Wings(Hillsong)- C
Be Near(?)- C

I Believe(Joel Engle)- C

MAy 16:

Forever(Tomlin)- A

Middle Set:
Breathe(?)- A
Here With Me(MercyMe)- A
Mighty To Save- A

Mercy(Parachute Band)- G

I see a ? after Breathe. If it's the one that goes "This is the air I breathe...Your holy presence, living in me...etc" Marie Barnett originally wrote it and did it. Many others have followed and made it more popular.

LOL! that's why it has a ?. so many have re-done I forgot who the original was. Thanks
You're welcome! I figured that was the case. None of this really mattered to me until I did the CCLI reporting cycle for our church recently. Now I find that it's important to give the author credit on this site as well as which version we may be 'mimicing' any given week. It also helps me look for new music. Finding out Marie originally wrote some of the songs I fell in love with years ago led me to look for more recent stuff she's done. Her newest (2009-Vineyard Music/Varietal Records) cd "Heaven Come Down" is fantastic!
Now you have me curious. I will have to check out some of her new stuff. Thanks
I am 16, and I lead worship for our youth department, and we introduced "Our God" by Chris Tomlin ft. Christy Nockels a couple weeks ago! This ought to be the new anthem of God's church today! The song got such a great response! It reminds us of how our God is greater and stronger than anyone or anything, and that he is always with us, and not a thing can rise above or stand against us!

This Sunday, closing up the message on grace, we have:
Everlasting God
Amazing Grace (My chains are gone)

Response: Grace (A song that I wrote a couple weeks ago)

God Bless!
Sunday May 2nd Anchor Baptist Church Kemah Texas
C Ancient Of Days
C That's Why We Praise Him
F He Is Exalted
F Because He Lives
F Give Us Clean Hands
D Isaiah 43
C To Know and Follow Hard


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