Each month we share our worship set lists with other members by simply copying and pasting our lists below. Please join us in sharing your worship set lists for May 2010 here.

This is a valuable resource as it's a great way of getting new song ideas to include in our own set lists. Please feel free to include as much (or as little) detail as possible - i.e. song name, songwriter name (e.g. artists name), when the song was written, what key you play it in, how the song "went down" with your congregation, how you merged it with another song etc.

You can post worship set lists from your Sunday services as well as any mid-week, cell group/house group meetings.

Thanks for participating!

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In G:
Give thanks to the Lord
Praise is Rising
Your Name

Capo 3 Em
More love more power
Here I am (majesty)

i love G chord as well...love this set but not familiar with no 1 and 2..who's the original singer? tqs
I'm betting we're talking "Forever" by Chris Tomlin and "Hosanna" by Paul Baloche. Those would be the first lines. Do I win anything if I guess right? :)
This is what it looks like for this week for us...

Start Time
(Duration) Activity Title Led by Note
08:50 AM (3 min) Gathering Music Fields Of Grace Second Chance
08:53 (6 min) Gathering Music Brave Second Chance
08:59 (1 min) W/L Welcome none Roy and Second Chance
09:00 (4 min) music All the earth will sing Your praises Second Chance
09:04 (3 min) music Salt And Light Second Chance
09:07 (3 min) music You Are My Lord Second Chance
09:10 (1 min) Centering our Spirit none Roy(unless Ps. wants to do) Theme?...
09:11 (1 min) First Reading none Vine And Branches
09:12 (3 min) Children's message none Pastor
09:15 (2 min) Announcements none
09:17 (1 min) Offertory Prayer none Pastor
09:18 (3 min) Offertory Song MADE ME GLAD Second Chance
09:21 (1 min) Gospel reading none Pastor
09:22 (15 min) Message none Pastor
09:37 (3 min) Song Of The Day Forgiveness is found in You Second Chance
09:40 (2 min) Prayers of the Church
09:42 (1 min) Sharing God's Peace none Pastor
09:43 (1 min) Words of Institution none Pastor On the night.....
09:44 (1 min) Lord's prayer none Pastor Our Father......
09:45 (3 min) Comm. Dist. Music All Who Are Thirsty Second Chance
09:48 (4 min) Comm. Dist. Music At The Foot Of The Cross Second Chance
09:52 (1 min) Blessing none Pastor
09:53 (4 min) Sending Song Dancing Generation Second Chance
09:57 (1 min) Sending none Pastor Go in peace......
09:58 (0 min) Sending Song Reprise none Second Chance
WOW!!! Could you be more precise? :P
Hi guys here's my MAY 9 Mother's day line up

Thank You
That's what we came here for
Just let me say
I stand in awe of you
May 2
The Happy Song - G (Delerious?)

The Solid Rock - E (hymn, but in 4/4 timing)
Draw Me Nearer - E/C#m (Caedmon's Call rendition, or close to it)
I Cling to the Cross - E (Baloche)
Take My Life - D (Tomlin's Passion version)

May 9
Friend of God - D (original Gungor version)

Your Name - Bb (Baloche, our first time doing this one)
Great is Thy Faithfulness - Bb/C (cool 4/4 to 3/4 shift)
How He Loves - C (actually Eddie Kirkland's version)
Lord, You Have My Heart - Ab/Cm (Delerious?)

He Knows My Name - E (Tommy Walker)
Our May 2 Set List:

O For A Thousand Tongues - Brian Steckler arrangement
How Great Thou Art - Paul Baloche
Overtaken - CFNI
Glorious - Paul Baloche
Mighty Is The Power Of The Cross - Eric Michael Roberts arrangement

Glorious has become a church favorite.
May 8/9
Everlasting God (Brewster arr)

O Praise Him
Made To Worship
I Stand Amazed-How Marvelous (Tomlin Arr)
Your Love Is Amazing (Hallelujah)

From The Inside Out

May 15/16
Give It All Away

Open The Eyes Of My Heart
Let Your Mercy Rain
The Arms Of My Savior (Brewster) ...during Baptisms


May 22/23 (unplugged)
Blessed Be Your Name

Let The Praises Ring (slow...groovy)
Just To Be With You
In The Garden
Amazing Love (You Are My King)

May 29/30
Everlasting (Doerksen)

Grace Like Rain
Better Is One Day
My Jesus, I Love Thee
Majesty (chorus only...buIlding)
Better Is One Day (reprise)

How Great Is Our God
Hey all,

Our set list for this Sunday 9 May includes some songs that aren't the newest on the planet but we've found they work for us. Our church family is really into praise and worship and generally jump right in and connect.
So here we go:
That's what we came here for
Take me in
It is You
St Georges Singapore 10am 9th May

Opening Song - Stenght will Rise - Brenton Brown http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGPTK24hQxc&feature=PlayList&...

Worship set
- Here I am to Worship - Tim Hughes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klxcJaOooPI
- I will offer up my life (this thankful heart) - Matt Redman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWXWHdgapjI
- You give rest (I will say) - Lou Fellingham http://www.kingsway.co.uk/Shop/Products/86004/Home/CDs/Wo rship_Leaders/Lou_Fellingham/Treasure.aspx

Offeratory - I will trust you in the darkness - Rob Smith which hopefully ties in with the sermon theme (Steadfast under Trial). http://store.emumusic.com.au/index.php?page=shop.product_details&am...

Final Song - The Splendour of the King (How Great is our God) - Tomlin, Reeves and Cash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWliNrNjOZ8&feature=related

D7--Set Me On Fire--Ryan Delmore/Burn Service--what a kick watching a bunch of baby boomers get into this millenial youth anthem from the Vineyard movement. We decided to do it next week too.
E--You're Worthy of My Praise (I will Worship)--David Ruis--done similar to 'Not Fade Away' or 'Willie and the Hand Jive'
G--Shout to the North--Martin Smith/Delirious?
G--Everlasting God--Brenton Brown/Ken Riley
G--As Children--Jeremy Riddle
E--He Knows My Name--Tommy Walker--keys leading similar to Maranatha version--hasn't been done here in a couple years and it 'just happened' to fit the message perfectly. I'm in awe whenever God does stuff like this.


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