To get started, I totally know and respect the reason for the season. I deliberated for a few days about starting a 'gifts' thread on this forum... but I think we should celebrate the thoughful items we received this year, so hear goes!

My lovely wife got me a very nice surprise. When we saw the Acoustasonic Tele at the NAMM show in Anaheim last year, I knew I had found an instrument that would allow me to take my worship leading to a new level. I am not, however, the type of person who just runs around buying new stuff. I research the options and deliberate for months and months before making a purchase like this.

It's been a year since the NAMM show, (in January) and I now have the guitar I've been dreaming of! This means that I will not need to worry about bringing two guitars on Sunday, and wiring everything through an A/B switch and all that (to make it easier on the sound person). I can have the acoustic and electric sounds I need/want right at my fingertips and ready to go! I will talk to the soundperson about running two channels (so that I can run the acoustic and electric at the same time) on the board (we've got plenty of channels to spare) I am so very stoked!

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"You can really rip on an acoustic without it going haywire. On an electric, over-playing just gives you a mess."


That was really the point I was making - they're both a mess if you over-do it. String bending on acoustics? Life is too short to waste like that.


I think we have a fundamentally different approach to guitar playing and the kind of equipment we use, and for that reason we'll not see things the same way.

The Acoustasonic Tele has a *special* version of the Fishman Aura system in it and gives you 4 options for acoustic images. Playing through it just a few times so far, it sounds every bit as good as all of the acoustic guitars with pickups in them, so I cannot say anything to the negative.

I can't wait to spend some time with the electric side and get my presets adjusted for the electric ( has a thinner, tinnier sound than my LP pickups.) 


Thinner and tinnier is about right - without the authentic tele bridge, you may not get that authoritative thump, but it sounds like every other tone will be there. Care to send us a sample or two?
Will do (after I get my presets adjusted)!!!
Wait, did you get the Fender? That looks awesome!

Hope this works out for you Jon.


I've got to be honest, I kind of went this route before and it didn't end that well. I have a Michael Kelly Hybrid Special that'll probably sell off soon. A friend of mine is dumping his Godin Montreal. What we've found is that a any hybrid is a compromise. When I want a rocking electric, I'll grab something else. When I want a serenading acousic, I'll grab one of true acoustics. Sometimes it's not just the sound. It's the strings, the feel and aura. The hybrids were never the first "go-to" guitar.


Maybe Fender got it right with the Acoustasonic Tele. (Love teles. I'm a tele kind of guy. I've got no less than 5+ telecasters.)


Funny that Fender is expanding their "add-ons". The new Black-Top series are stock HH that seem to aimed for either the "modder" market or former LP players. There are so many telecasters, soon you won't need to "mod" anything. FMT have set-necks and dual HB. Your Acoustasonic has a Fishman bridge. Even before you could get Thinlines that have chambered body like Gibby 3XX series and Nashvilles with 3 pickups to get that "out of phase" strat sound. It's like saying "Oh, he plays a tele" isn't specific enough anymore...


I guess the only thing left is really a MIDI stock tele.

Original natural/butterscotch black guard with the five screws guard with maple fretboard and skunk stripe neck. A few upgrades like compensated bridge saddles and electro switch jack. THAT's a Telecaster...
My next guitar is either this or a Gretsch...
Ok, I'll tell my wife right now.

I have a Lite Ash that looks a look like a Blackguard (single-ply), but black on black. Same box bridge, with SD pups stock. Even has "nocaster" label on the headstock. Bird's Eye maple with a skunk stripe. (But luckily not a heal adjust truss rod.)


=) Very very "tele" sound.


Gretch with TV Jones.. Very country/hick-hill-billy still, but different sound. Almost put a PowerTron once in one of my tele's (neck position), but didn't pull the trigger.



Black is very cool too. I think I could go further with the Gretsch, but a Tele is still a staple one should have. I do have a Tokai Tele. It's a piece of junk that I've upgraded with a few things to make it decent, but it's still got issues overall.


I've contemplated a tele bridge with a powertron or tv jones in the neck.  Check this bad boy out:


I'm not sure I like the idea of not having a standard tele bridge, but someone is certainly thinking along these lines. 

Short of a B-bender, I don't know how your rockabilly this any more.  Not sure I'd use the Bigsby much, I'd be worried about keeping it in tune.


I struggled with swapping the bridge pickup of a tele. I think now I'm learning that doing that makes it more like a LP than a tele. The twang of the bridge is what really sets it apart.


I esentialy have this with two Tele Customs that I have. 2x P-90 & 2x HB with the LP 4-way control.


Although my Lite-Ash is the most classic, my fav. player tele is a mod'd Mex in starburt to make it like a Andy Summers (no brass bridge or overdrive). It's not an MIA, but it's got a players neck. Having a Burstbucker Pro in the neck really fit my style. Thick and Crunchy when I need it, tawng when I need that.


However the middle position kind of gets "shot" when you go H+S. Might bother some people. Andy Summers did use that position for some Police songs though...


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