Mini Song Contest...

To enter...
Post 5 (min 2 max 5) songs that you've written (links etc)

To judge...
Simply respond to someone's post with how you rate their songs 1-5. (1 being your favourite).

Remember you are judging the songs against each other not against other peoples songs.

Feel free to give reasons for your ordering however please keep it constructive and positive.

Have fun!

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I like the idea here, there are a lot of times when I've got a few new songs I'm working on and I wish I had some feedback on what might be the "best" of the group... anyway, here's my list, favorite to least fave.

COMING HOME was my favorite; it would wind up sounding like more of a country song with our band, but I think it would work that way.  There are a couple words I'd tweak (with your permission, I'm sorta picturing this as a telling of the prodigal son story, so I feel like the line about "I run to you" should be a little more hesitant...)... I think we'd try to do this a little faster than you're doing it - half time the instrumental part and then pick the whole thing up.  I JUST WANT TO KNOW YOU I also liked, although there's a "we" in there that seemed a little out of place; we're kinda overloaded with slow songs right now, too.  I do think the (4x) repetition of the title for a chorus works well here.  WE ARE ONE would be my third choice, again, just a couple lyrical things that put me off a little... there's a reference to "you" but the song doesn't really have a "you" character, I think it would flow better if it was more like, "we will stand together."  At the end of the verse, "Let us be the church, die to start" I don't know what that means, maybe I'm hearing it wrong?

INCREDIBLE RESCUE, the title put me off a little bit before I even listened, and the song lyric itself seemed like it mixed up references to Jesus between "you" and "he" and that's a pet peeve for me.  The music feels a bit repetitive, as well.  THE SOUND OF YOUR NAME was my least favorite, but that's because I'm just not very fond of "let's go out and evangelize this nation" songs, something about that whole "this nation" thing that I tend to shy away from.  Also, the first "verse" section seemed like it went a little bit off topic.

It wasn't part of the contest, but I'll also mention that there's a version of "Be Thou My Vision" which does make me kinda crazy... I really dislike it when somebody takes an old hymn and tries to hot rod it by double timing the instrumental part and then the whole song, the melody, ends up slower than it would be as a hymn. 

Hey Charles,

Thank you for your reply.

Coming Home- Feel free to tweak, country song sounds good!

We Are One- it is "Let us be the church He died to start"

1 Coming Home
2 Incredible Rescue
3 We Are One
4 I just want to know You
5 the Sound of Your Name

Incredible Rescue

The Sound Of Your Name

We Are One

I Just Want To Know You

Coming Home

Thank you for taking the time to listen. Interesting having three feedbacks as so far only We Are One has posted consistently, in 3rd place! Does this mean We Are One actually has the widest appeal? Either that or it is just not good or bad....Mmmm perhaps more data is needed!

Well, I don't know anyone else's take, but my own preference is for worship songs that are directly about who God is and what He has done (IR), then songs that have a corporate response to who God is and what God has done (TSOYN, WAO); and I have less of a preference for corporate worship songs that are about me and my own personal response to God (IJWTKY, CH).

But that's just my take.

Great thread idea, by the way.  Hopefully we are all trying to get better at what we do...

Free chord sheet for We Are One here
1. Burning Eyes
2. Things aren't what they seem
3. Did you marry for love
1 Things aren't what they seem
2 Burning Eyes
3 Did you marry for love

thanks for listening! :) 


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