Mini Song Contest...

To enter...
Post 5 (min 2 max 5) songs that you've written (links etc)

To judge...
Simply respond to someone's post with how you rate their songs 1-5. (1 being your favourite).

Remember you are judging the songs against each other not against other peoples songs.

Feel free to give reasons for your ordering however please keep it constructive and positive.

Have fun!

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Okay, my concept of a "worship song" is that, as WL, I am "putting words in the congregation's mouth to help them express worship," As such, I didn't feel like either "Things Are..." or "Did You..." is something I'd want to use as a "worship song" in our church.  They're too personal; the singer is talking to one specific person (who they are, incidentally, unhappy with).  Throughout most of TAWTS, I didn't get the sense that "you" refers to God, and I don't quite know what to do with a "worship song" that feels like it's preaching to the other people in the congregation.  DYMFL felt even more like a personal story.  They might be good songs in that Adelle sense of "you screwed me over," but since this is a worship song discussion board, I tend to evaluate songs in terms of "assuming this is supposed to be a worship song, does it work as that?"

Your Burning Eyes was my favorite of the three, to me it was the closest to what I'd think of as a "worship song," but I just got too much of a sense of God as somebody who is constantly judging us (harshly) and, for me, that's just not what I want to do when I bring a "worship song" to the congregation.

So, ya know, sorry to harsh on your songs like that, but I don't think that any of these are songs that I would use in the context of a "worship song" in church.  They might work as performance things to set up a sermon, or they might work outside the context of "church songs." 

I have been doing some quick recordings of my songs to put up.  but following this post I'm not sure if I should!    My immediate reaction is the questions:

Where can a Christian musician and songwriter go for support and to share their new songs?'. 

I should quit WTR as I don't seem to be able to write straight worship songs and I'm currently not in a worship band?

Is there not a need for songs with a Christian background that are truthfully but that are not pure worship songs?

Hey Vic, I did not start this discussion on the basis that certain types of Christian songs are allowed and others not, so please feel free to post them and I'll have listen. All the best. J

I give up...

1. Can't stay here
2. Hold on to you
3. Many things
4. It's time to listen
5. Harvest song

'Can't stay here' has some tuning issues vocally but lyrically it really resonates with my heart at the moment so it's at the top of the list for me!
Thanks for listening. Yes I struggled singing these due to getting over a cold. Used an effect to simulate a call response on Can't stay here, it's the nearest to a congregational.
If you've got some songs I'd love to hear them. Please post them on this discussion.

These are demos from a worship album I completed earlier this year based on 2 Peter:

Your Power As God (2 Pet 1:3-4)

God Of Justice And Mercy (2 Pet 2:1-11)

Unrecaptured (2 Pet 2:12-22)

Revealing Fire (2 Pet 3:1-10)

Grace And Knowledge (2 Pet 3:15-18)

Enjoy, and be edified (hopefully)...

Grace and Knowledge
Your power as God
Revealing Fire
God of Justice and Mercy
Write your own songs? Ever wondered which one of yours people like the most? Post them on this discussion...
Hi all,
I've just recently put together a few songs into an album. It's called 'Behind it all' including I Just Want To Know You and We Are One and you can download all the songs for free here

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