The H.S Factor

Our Saturday night rehearsal was riddled with technical problems (again!) and was absent a bass player which made things a bit flat and, well...bottomless! Our Sunday morning run-through left a lot to be desired too. So how was the service going to go? Would the tech problems and "tentative-ness" carry over into the worship-in-song portions of the service? Would we end up being a distraction rather than facilitators? I'm happy to report that once again God has His way. I call this the H.S. factor. When the H.S factor is embedded in the worship time and allowed to be released amazing things happen. This is something that God proves over and over again; when He is lifted up in authentic praise He will reveal Himself. He will fill in all the blanks, dot the I's and cross the T's.

Back in my Rock and Roll Days (B.C. I might add) it was all about how great the band was, how talented we all were individually and collectively. All we had to rely on was ourselves. Now, if allowed, the Holy Spirit has the final word (yes...H.S. is for Holy Spirit - now you know if you hadn't already guessed). How comforting it is to know that if we step out on the stage expecting God to make it all work together for His purposes...He will do just that...He ALWAYS does.

Patrick DeRemer

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Hi Patrick,

Thanks for sharing this - Praise God!

This might sit better as a blog unless there was a point of discussion you wanted to debate?

It's fine to leave as a discussion if you prefer but in future you might find blogs work better for these sort of posts.


Good it is then!
So true Patrick,
Our Sunday morning rehearsals have been so bad that I've had some of the team suggest we change the song 'for the sake of people'...But God!
Something happens when we realize we are not good enough in ourselves to do it right and we depend on God to make it right. That's GRACE my friend. Something we should apply to every aspect of our lives, not just the music.


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