As a worship leader one of my desires is to encourage our congregation to sing songs of praise throughout the week. Any ideas on how to reach our flock beyond just 30min on Sunday morning ?

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Our church went through the same issue. Our worship time is..well, short and sweet. We picked up (rather quickly) that many of our members had a hunger for more. We decided to start a monthly night of worship. We come into the auditorium and have a night of music, prayer, rest, reflection and so on. Our church loved it. I believe it is exactly the "extra" that we needed. We also hope to see our churches desire grow towards personally doing the same. Our quiet times with God is the times that He moves in and grows us and our desire to love, know and serve Him more.

I hope this helps with your question.

We've been contemplating this. We're hoping to have our first worship night this summer.

That sounds great. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.  

I appreciate that. As with many, I'm sure, our main concern is spreading staff too thin (already doing that to an extent with 4 services each Sunday spanning from 8:00am to 5:00pm) and volunteer burn-out. But it has been a request expressed by some, so we are going to give it a go & see if we can make it happen without stressing already stressed resources.


Absolutely. I am not staff at my church. I have been leading in our worship band for going on 10 years now. It's just as layman. I write and lead the worship with the other members. We all sing. Actually, four of us (all not on staff) started the night of worship. The staff attend and love being there just to be there and they can show up and go home. It's desperately needed for their non-stop hrs and work. The band is certainly capable also. We are having a lot of fun with it. It's more of an unplugged setting but still somewhat progressive and very plugged in with the Holy Spirit. 

Highly recommend.

At present we have a Thursday night church meeting which is generally about 1hr15 to 1hr30 of relatively open worship. Just songs to sing, opportunity to pray and share back if we feel God is speaking. It isn't well attended, but those that do come find it a place of peace and a time to give to God instead of just doing 20min before the word.

This isn't a long-term fixture, but it's fulfilling what we're called to do right now.

I read a good article last week in relation to time spent with God that made me take stock of my own relationship with God.

There was a simple statement that said "You cannot survive on just one meal a week"! That one little statement has had an enormous impact on me. Over the years I have been to a few churches that have a specific time, I mean to the minute!, of how long the church services are including the amount of songs sung etc etc etc. We need to be fed regularly and by meeting together regularly we also need to feed each other or we will wither and become weak. The most subtle ploy of the devil is to starve us so we become weak. The one thing we forget is that the bible tells us we will NEVER become tired when we are doing Gods work, He will give us the strength we need to accompplish all the things he asks us to do, even if that was 7 church meetings a week. So don't do LESS, do MORE for God, just remember Isaiah 40:31, God bless

I encourage my team & church members to listen to Christian radio while at home, or in the car, in the shower, or anywhere. We are blessed to be in the mountains of SoCal, and are able to listen to many different stations, which play many of the Worship songs we play Sunday mornings. Also, CD's are great, and we exchange many songs on Facebook. So sing away to your favorite Worship tunes, no matter where you are, and remember, "God inhabits the praises of His people!"

Blessings... =))

I went to a church that timed worship to 20 minutes.  There was really no fixing the issue.  The congregation just did not have a spirit of worship.  It was a 20 minute show.  I am now on the worship team of a church that worships freely.  There is never a clock.  worship is typically an hour or more.  Once in a while it goes the whole service.  Our senior pastor got up one sunday and said "Some of you are wondering when I am going to stop this.  I didn't start it" He believes in letting the spirit really move.  There is no need to teach this congregation to worship, or to hold special worship services.  Worship is a natural expression that has room to flow...


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