sugestions for Items songs on mothers day?!

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I'm right there with you....I'm struggling with my set list right now.
Uhhh, correct me if I am wrong, but since when are we called to worship our mothers? We are planning on a "normal" service. We will probably recognize our mothers in some way before we begin our time of worship and music but that's it. Just my two cents...
I do not believe she said anything about worshipping our mothers. She could be asking for ideas for any number of reasons. My church will most likely have a message around mothers. You know, honoring your parents, the proverbs 31 woman, children growing up and calling her blessed. So that being said, there are songs out there that deal with love, blessings, giving thanks, themes that not only relate to God/Christ/Holy Spirit, but also to our mothers. In the end God created our mom's and He deserves all the glory. So one can not go wrong with any song choice, and I also don't think it's wrong to try to tailor your songset to try to line up in the message, or build on the message.
I agree with you Dennis... and Chris as well..

It's been an interesting couple of weeks planning this service. Our pastor is gone on Sabbatical and our guest speaker will be teaching from Proverbs 31:10-31. I had a song picked out to do as special music before he talked (it is a nice song for mother's day) but now the more I read that passage and the more I think and pray about it, I am leaning towards switching it up.

When I read that passage I see a woman who brings glory and honor to God through the way she lives. So I think a prayer of ours would be that God would be glorified through our lives. So... the song "Father Let Me Dedicate (Be Glorified)" by Matt Redman comes to mind as a song that captures that prayer.

I'm just thinking out loud..
not a song you could do orthough you it out...

this one was done by a church.......we showed the video on sunday it was very funny...
ok, i know this is late, but thanks for the thoughts. I actually found a song from Good Charolotte, yes i know..called, 'thank you ,mom' very simple, took out a verse, but the rest were very relevent. I sang it with 2 young girls from my youth group, and a acc guitar. SOunded so good. During the song we handed out biscuits to each women, which has a scripture from pro 31 attached. That small little thing was so much appreciated. So many women were crying and were so thankful for it. Dare i say that it ministered to some of them, and God spoke to some of them through that more than He did during our 'worship' time.


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