HELP!!!! The youth group at my church wants to sing songs geared to mothers on Mothers Day. I can not think of any. Will someone pls help a sista out. any suggestions are gladly received.


thanks Keisha

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One that comes to mind that I have done as a special music before and worked great in the past was "When You Come Home" by Mark Schultz. It is a great "mother" song.. Not sure if that is the style you are looking for?
"Mama Tried" by Merle Haggard.
I know it's too late for this Mother's Day, but looking ahead for next year....

There's one called "Little Eyes are Watching You" by Ruth Elaine Schram, it's more of a traditional choral piece with piano accompaniment (at least, written that way), but it could easily be adapted to a band if necessary. One cool thing is that it has parts for both adults and kids, to be sung in kind of an answering fashion.
Yeah... I was going to say... Isn't mother's day over? Don't do that to me.... Did I miss it? My wife will kill me..


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