Just discovered and watched a movie that's available on Netflix right now called "Ragamuffin," which is a biopic about Rich Mullins.  Definitely worth watching for those of us who hang out here...

Y'all probably know how I feel about "those lines" from "Awesome God"... very interesting to get a whole other view of who he was and what his stuff is about.  Any of us with daddy issues will find a lot to relate to...

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He wasn't always politically correct (or even theologically correct), but he had a way of getting at the heart of God that very few Christian songwriters have ever had.

I saw him in concert 20 years ago (4th of July 1995 at Gordon College in Massachusetts).  Just him and Beaker jamming on acoustic guitars and occasionally the keyboard and hammered dulcimer.  Good memories.  Incredible music...

I ended up buying a hammered dulcimer off the back of watching this film. It's really inspiring.

Have always loved Rich Mullins music. This was a good movie, though I think it did a little too much focus on his struggles to accentuate the Brennan Manning theme. As a graduate of the same school in Cincinnati, it was neat to see shots of the campus and dorm room. For me it was a trip down memory lane through some scenes and through the music played throughout the movie. I viewed the movie over a year ago an felt inspired to start writing more music.

I knew virtually nothing about Rich Mullins except that I had a vague memory that he wrote Awesome God.  On reading your post Charles I watched this film and was surprised as it was not what I was expecting at all.  I guess I had formed the impression before watching that it would be some sugar coated, feel good, easy going movie - it wasn't.  Not a criticism at all though, I actually loved the film and the honest way in which the struggles that Rich faced were portrayed, but had no idea that he had died.  

Dare I admit, I like the lyrics to Awesome God and since watching the film have run through the song again and googled more of Rich's music etc.  I have to say, whether you like the lyrics of Awesome God or you don't, this is one of the most catchiest tunes you will ever come across.


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