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I lead worship for a congregation that spans a few generations a lot of churches try to address music for this situation by offering different types of worship at different times. We don't that and as a result we sort of have to try to play music that caters to everyone. We end up playing rock, folk, old hymns and new songs, sometimes all in the same service. Anyone else in this sort of situation? How is it working out for your church? 

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Well, my generation didn't actually invent Rock and Roll, we just developed it to its best in the 70s.
Don't knock elevator music, I listen to it on my player while I go running through minefields!
Is that a movie reference?
I went to a pastor's conference last year, which used a totally up-current band, around 85 dB at least, and it was really neat to see the gray heads (I'd say 80% were over 50) bobbing and some even clapping over their heads (and they were clapping after, not on the beat - yay! - finally!)
I'm a classical musician, so I enjoy any style; but even more I enjoyed the fact that they were finally getting to experience Christian worship with "their" kind of music, which had been forbidden to them during the 50's through the 70's in their churches.


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