Musicians and singers looking for FAME, FORTUNE, & NOTARIATY? (Woodbridge, VA)

You have come to the WRONG place! But if you are looking for a rewarding experience serving God in an outreach setting through traditional and modern praise and worship, please continue reading.
We are a Christian volunteer outreach band that ministers at various venues in the community and the surrounding area. Most of the recurring events are on Sunday mornings and afternoons. The band normally rehearses at least once a week on Monday evenings at our home church in Woodbridge.
We are seeking a lead guitarist, a bass player, and a piano/keyboard player, as well as, vocalists (a tenor and a soprano). 
If you are interested, please reply to this post to the attention of James. Thank you and be blessed.

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Guess too many (everyone) is seeking fame forturne. No one has responded...
Well,  I suppose most on this site are already doing the same stuff locally.  If he were asking for Woodbridge, NJ and not VA I still wouldn't be able to give the time being asked for.  Still haven't found the fame yet though!

I'm after the fame. Always have been. So I can't even interview.


(Sorry James, we're just trying to lighten it up a bit. Someone must have responded in private...)


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