I have my delays, vibe, tremolo and Verbzilla running through the effects loop of the RP1000.
The amp and cabinet modelling has been disabled to use the amps glory. (Traynor YGL1. 15 watt tube combo.). My tuner, EQ, vol pedal and chain o dirt going to the normal input of the RP.
Now I have a wah and chorus (on the RP) and can dial up pretty much any possible combination and effect....oh yeah and more delays.
What do you think...too much?

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Please see pic

You are clicking "Upload Files" which is under the editor window. That is for attachments. Instead, click the "Image" button that is along the top of the editor window. You can select your file, choose alignment, etc.

Seen it!  Looks good to me and bet it sounds great too but that's as technical as it gets for me I'm afraid.  I have a good amp, or so I am told, and not got the first clue about three quarters of the knobs that are on there. Had it for years but one of these days I may get around to reading the user manual!

LOL. I have more gear than I do talent that's for sure.

I'm sure that's not true and being able to work all that gear is a huge talent in itself : )  

Having read this post I decided to get out my amp and have a mess around with it.  I don't know what I did but suddenly found that the sound was coming from the guitar and not the amp. Then all I could do was put everything, apart from the bass and treble, back to 0, whereby the sound came from the amp again.  My amp is a Laney A1 dedicated acoustic.  Can anyone tell me what I turned that may cause this to happen?  Or for that matter any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you.

thank you Nathan....I am very technologically challenged

No worries. I won't tell anyone. I'll keep it between you, me... and everyone else who reads this post. haha

fair enough

For the record...I ended up using just my pedals into my tan Traynor using my Blacktop Strat and it sounded killer.
At first I was frustrated with my tone and everything sounded dull to the point of wanting new pedals, pickups, strings etc.
BUT I decided to tweak my two Transparent Overdrives (the gold coloured Timmy clones) to setting I don't generally go for and was blown away. VERY happy with my tone today.


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