The lyrics go like this:
Father here I am
Helpless in need of You
Your touch is all I need
Your (?) loving embrace (?)
consuming me
And I abandon myself to You now Oh Lord
Come and fill up this cup until it overflows
Oh Father like a child in need
Hold me and don't let me go
Father hold me and don't let me go

I couldn't find this song on ccli today ... could use your help if anyone knows the author and title. Song is ... ten years old, maybe 15.

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Sometimes what I do is throw what might be the most famous line into google search and see what come up. You might try that. I apologize, it doesn't look familiar to me.
Yeah, Kevin, thanks for the tip. I didn't find anything online though I did several searches. I can't remember where I sang the song either ...
Anyone else got an idea?
I don't know how you came to find this song, but what I experience here is that we come across songs from the Roman Catholic Hymn Books which aren't published anywhere else, internet included.
Are you saying this is a Roman Catholic hymn? It certainly doesn't sound like it to me! :)
I can't remember who taught it to me, maybe the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship group in college.
Sorry didn't mean to imply one way or the other just that if it were RC then that could be the reason for the deadend.


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