Well, I didn't know until today, but not only does "Use Less Stuff Day" exist... it is TODAY. :)

Our friends at OnSong (awesome iPad app for worship) have posted this video celebrating today and promoting using less paper and replacing it with OnSong. Check out the video and share your thoughts!

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Ok, I've got to go this route. Especially when we have those overflow times after the msg & I'm trying to lead song after song by memory because I've left my book at home or I have my book but I don't have time to flip thru all the pages. Now I need the largest Ipad available for my old eyes. What's the largest & what brand is preferred?

Yeah I remember those days... flipping through the binder in a panic trying to find a certain chart... to remember "oh man, I gave that chart to Sally and I never got it back!" ...or "oh man, the holes ripped out of that page and it fell out of the binder!" ...or like you said "oh man, my book is at home!" :) Or how about you have the chart but "oh man, I only have this song in F, but Sister Suzie wants to sing it NOW in Db!"

I use OnSong on the iPad and have found nothing that really compares to it overall. Besides having all of my charts ready to use, I can import charts from other sources online from wherever I'm at. I've done on-the-fly searches in a service for a song that I feel is maybe coming my way from a special speaker or something! Plus I can do key changes to my chart just by sliding my finger. Capos are supported too for those that need and use them.

I have the regular sized iPad and personally wouldn't want to use an iPad Mini for chord charts. I know some do though. They do have the newer Pro iPad that is a little bigger. I've considered getting one. Not because I necessarily need it, but because I'd prefer it.

OnSong doesn't have an Android version, so that leaves you will only the iPad for the tablet choice... unless you want to use some other app.

Planning Center has an app (also for Android) that you can pay extra each month to gain access to. It will display charts from your PCO account. It's nice, but doesn't have the full functionality of OnSong. It also only gives you access to material that is already in your PCO account.

Where can I check out & purchase the Pro iPad?

And OnSong does work with the Pro iPad?


OnSong works with all Apple iOS devices.

Coming up again in a couple months. Given our low level of tech integration (low is charitable), someone sell me on using an iPad for what would at this time be a standalone tool for a volunteer electric guitarist who receives CCLI stamped hardcopy chord sheets for 2-3 songs a week. I don't currently own one, it would have to be self funded, no work justification (custodial), and we don't currently have a system for it to operate within. What would it simplify?

Hey Greg! Well if you had an iPad, you could ask whoever provides your charts to email those PDFs to you... or to post them somewhere online where you could download or import them. This is what most people do. I used to print off charts for band members and provide them week after week, but those days are long gone for most of us. You may need to help steer your team/leadership towards the current century. :) haha

The best route would be using Planning Center Online, where they could post the set lists for each week, scheduling of who is playing/singing/running sound/etc, and provide charts / MP3s / YouTube links for all of your songs. They could also post the charts to a DropBox account where you could either print off paper or import directly into OnSong or SongSheet Pro.

Once you have the chart on your iPad, you won't need it provided again next time. You already have it... forever!

Also, once you have an iPad for your charts, you will see one by one the rest of your team moving to that same setup. That's always been my experience. I got an iPad and OnSong when it first came out. Everyone else on the team had paper. After a while, EVERYONE on the team had iPads. :)

Then if your leader got an account with WorshipReady.com (which could replace CCLI SongSelect... and is cheaper even), they could provide actual OnSong files that could be imported to your iPad that are not just a straight PDF file. They'd be editable charts that you could change the key on anytime with a swipe of the finger. Next Sunday someone else is leading and they want to do a certain song in a different key than normal.. no problem! You're all set. You can set capos too.

This leads to another topic I've brought up before: the person who isn't the leader being able to encourage a culture change when I haven't got everyone voluntarily tuning before rehearsal or service to the instrument which cannot tune to a digital tuner after 10 years. So, entry level new ipad at $329, gradually everyone will willingly buy their own, new people will be "encouraged" to buy an ipad of some flavor as a condition of joining the team and having the same access as the rest of the team. And leadership which is using powerpoint and a clicker willingly embracing an entirely new technological concept. And we just updated to that new projector... I'm having some mild anxiety at this moment.
I see the benefit. Just hard to justify the cost, and my opinion is not the only one to consider. As we reuse copies, and we don't have a large library of music we use regularly, paper and toner cost savings is not going to drive the change.

I used to re-use copies too. And I had my huge binder of music that I carted around. I also had those moments when I'd flip to a song to find it missing... because it fell out as the 3 holes ripped, or because I had to give it to someone else weeks prior and forgot to get it back, etc. Plus that piece of paper is always in the same key. I'd have to additional copies of a song if I wanted other keys available to flip to.

Sure an iPad costs a bit upfront... although MUCH less than it used to. The cost is nothing compared to the savings over time... a short time at that. I'm not just talking about cost in printing copies of music. That's minimal. The biggest savings is time as well as a big increase in convenience. Those two items are worth MUCH more than counting the number of paper reams being used.

When you can readily access any chart you need at any time... and change keys whenever needed... and email or bluetooth a chart to another person... or be a master device and control the "slave ipads" of the team or sound engineers so everyone can easily follow and know exactly where you are... or be in a small church and have lyrics projection controlled at the same time as you view your chord charts... or be able to lead from an instrument and flip pages and songs with a foot pedal... and on and on and on.

You will find, as I did and everyone else has, that you'll gain much more from using an iPad than you would ever imagine prior to actually using it. You'll kick yourself for not having switched sooner! PLUS you can use it for many other things outside of leading worship.

Don't forget that you don't have to buy a brand new iPad either. You could get a used one for $200 or less, but I wouldn't get a version that is older than the first iPad Air as you'll want it to be new enough to have access to the latest iOS version.

I bought my own Sennheiser e609 mic back in 2012. It's been plugged in at rehearsals a low single digit number of times but has never made the cut for a service because "Why? You're fine without." Generalize from that. :/

Now that is just silly. Would it hurt anyone or anything for you to use your mic? Some people are just control freaks that have to keep things the same as they have always been. Churches that are lead by those type of people rarely see any growth. Usually only a gradual decline. It's sad to see.

However, you have to respect your leadership. You can try and bring some influence (or education in this case), but at the end of the day, they are the ones in that leadership role. You either have to play ball by their rules or have a different place to play. I'm not telling you to leave your church so don't take it that way... I'm just saying that sometimes it comes down to that. Some people will simply never change or allow anything around them to change. And they'll die in their staleness. Sometimes you can help... sometimes you can't.

Not meaning to imply an active opposition as much as a passive avoidance of revolutionary change. Yes it would be revolutionary to some. Yes, I could buy an iPad for this purpose. But I suspect sending me the pdf files would be a special process inaugurated just for me and I'd be replacing the iPad for update, battery decay, or screen damage before I'd see movement toward a paper free distribution.


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