Well, I didn't know until today, but not only does "Use Less Stuff Day" exist... it is TODAY. :)

Our friends at OnSong (awesome iPad app for worship) have posted this video celebrating today and promoting using less paper and replacing it with OnSong. Check out the video and share your thoughts!

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I've been in your boat before... having to steer the ship towards better and newer solutions. However, I was usually in the position of a music pastor so it's a little different. Still, a music pastor doesn't call the shots. Things still have to be approved by people further up the chain. I remember steering my first church away from a slide projector and overhead transparency combo towards a computer running Powerpoint (in the mid 90s). They had to cough up some money to make the switch, but nothing is ever cheap or free. You can't move forward without spending a few bucks. You and I both know that. But not everyone else has had that reality check yet, so it's difficult when you have to work with them.

No shame in putting out your opinion and thoughts on this subject. That's what this site is here for. To share... ask... learn... help... etc. No shame at all! :)

I do not see a contradiction at all, as like I said, it's not a matter of just using less paper. Besides, you can get an Apple device for as cheap as anything else when you get a used one. I had a guy in my last band using a first generation iPad still for OnSong. He couldn't get the latest updates at some point, but he still could use it without having to fork out big bucks for the latest and greatest. It is so much more effective to manage charts (and everything else) for your team when utilizing technology. No question. Even with not having to print out monthly schedules of who's playing (as I used to do back in the day), then re-printing them again when some changes had to be made. None of that is necessary anymore, or a good use of resources... time being one of the biggest and most valuable resources.

There are other apps than just OnSong... some that work on Android devices. I know OnSong worked on an Android version for a while, but ended up killing it as it's a horrible platform to build on... and would be much easier for another developer to steal their work and repackage it as their own. Apple is a much friendlier development environment for the developers. There are also computer based solutions as well. OnSong has one for Mac, but there are other companies that have solutions for PC and such. It does exist... just not to the level that is available for Apple products. Still, the job could be accomplished... so it's certainly not a scenario of "Apple or the highway". :)

"Using an iPad accounts for less than 30 percent of its lifetime greenhouse gas emissions. Manufacturing (60 percent), transport (10 percent), and end-of-life recycling (1 percent) are responsible for the rest. Apple estimates that, over an iPad's entire lifetime, the device will account for 231 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents. (The company doesn't disclose how many hours of use that includes, only that it assumes "intensive daily use" for three years, which sounds about right for a student with a full course load.) That's roughly equivalent to the emissions stemming from 7,700 sheets of virgin paper or a whopping 13,600 sheets of 100-percent post-consumer recycled paper."
That's purchasing new, of course.


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