Our worship team currently has two very talented drummers.  However, they will both be leaving us this Summer (one is moving away, and the other is no longer able to make the long commute). This leaves us with no drummer, and although I have been searching, I have not been able to find a replacement.

Does anyone have any idea of resources I could look to  to find a new drummer?  Obviously, it has to be someone with talent, but equally (and perhaps more) important is his/her spiritual maturity and attitude toward serving.

I know that some churches pay their musicians.  This is not something we do, so likely it would have to be someone who is looking for a new place to fellowship and serve.  This is what makes my request so difficult!

Any ideas?  Any drummers out there looking for a new church home?  Anyone in or familiar with the Calvary Chapel network?

You can respond here or e-mail me at pastortodd@calvarychapel-theway.org, or call 909-618-3080. Thanks!

Todd Anderson

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Any local colleges?  Any music hangouts where bands play...even if only in a secular sense.  If you get desperate, you may consider someone "under-churched" to play with you...what better way to disciple them!

Find out if someone in the youth is learning (or wants to learn) drums.  Our drummer has had both shoulders operated on and couldn't play anymore, so his 14 year old daughter became our drummer.  At first it was a little rough, but she is now holding her own.


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