Hey gang, need your help!

We have a stage filled with our instruments, mic stands, music stands & a couple monitors. Nothing else is on the stage. The back & sides walls are just painted black. I would like to do some kind of stage design perhaps on the walls or behind the band & vocalists.

Has to be inexpensive.

Any suggestions?  

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Cheap LED Par cans  or get some  LED net lights / Rope lights.     

Hang old sheets from the walls, use spray paint or fabric paint to apply designs.

Pick up up an old, used slide projector, create slides to project using coloured plastics.

Never mind, task has been given to someone else & that's great!

check out www.churchstagedesignideas.com

They have a huge catalog of very helpful creative ideas for all sorts of stages. They even show you the budgets, and the how-to's in most cases. Hope that helps!

 (PS... just saw that you said the task had been given to someone else. If they don't know about this resource, pass it along)



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