I've been asked to choose and sing a solo for a 50th Wedding Anniversary and I'm having trouble thinking of appropriate songs. The only thing that came to mind is "Keeper of the Stars" by Tracy Byrd, but I'm not very sold on it. Please help!

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"Look at us" by Vince Gill. Very appropriate.
Will definitely consider this as a strong possibility. Thanks!
I Will Be Here or Go There With You by Steven Curtis Chapman are both nice and talk about spending life's journey together, which is very appropriate.
I did "I Will Be Here" for a wedding once and it went very well. Haven't heard "Go There With You" yet, but will definitely check it out. Thanks for the input!
Hi Mark, how would you feel about writing one yourself, it would mean alot to them. Just a thought. God Bless.
I do write songs, but I've got a limited time frame. Also, I'm still single and have never been head over heals in love yet, so I'm not sure I'm the best suited to write lyrics. I will definitely pray and if God inspires me, I'll go for it. Thanks!
"in my life" - beatles (there's a weird line about "friends and lovers" you might have to tweak)
"another man" - wes king
"grow old with me" - john lennon or mary chapin carpenter
"shine on us" - michael w smith or phillips, craig & dean

good luck!
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them out. I'd love to do a Beatles song.
Hey man, I have a song called, "After All These Years" that I wrote for a 50th wedding anniversary! Go figure. It's song number 16 on my player. It's a country genre song but I did it for their march up the aisle.
I like your song. I'm trying to write one myself. A chorus and a bridge popped into my head, so if I get a couple verses, I'm set. Interesting chords so far too: E7 Am Em D Em.
I sang "Every Moment" (Joy Williams) at my parents' 50th, five years ago.

The chorus is - "Don't let go, hold on to every moment; Always know, hold on to every moment that you can".

It was very moving. I managed to speak a little to them during the section that just has a "la-la-la-de-da" in it, instead of words.
"Through the Years" sung by Kenny Rogers.



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