I've been asked to choose and sing a solo for a 50th Wedding Anniversary and I'm having trouble thinking of appropriate songs. The only thing that came to mind is "Keeper of the Stars" by Tracy Byrd, but I'm not very sold on it. Please help!

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I agree, this is a really good one. I used to DJ a lot of weddings and I would use this song during the anniversary dance to see who has been married the longest. It really was a special time each night.

Another song that I have been listening to alot lately, I don't know if it's exactly what you'd be looking for but..

All the way my Savior leads me - Tomlin's version. So beautiful.. so true

"I Am Here To Stay" by Martin Doman www.martindoman.com
Wow, thanks for all the thoughtful responses! I actually wrote a duet and performed it on Friday night. It went really, really well. I should have recorded it live, but I'll post it as soon as I see Christina (The woman I got to sing the other part) again and do a recording. Here's the lyrics:

It Gladdens My Heart
For Alfred and Nancy Little
on their 50th Anniversary

Mark Paulson
Soli Deo Gloria

Verse 1 (Male)
God was in it from the start
In the work of joining these two hearts
I thank God you caught my eye
And that I chased you ‘til you were my bride
And I cherish every day
We stand together, darling, come what may
We’re two hearts that beat as one
And we’re bathed in Abba’s love
Laughing, sharing, loving; lives entwined

It gladdens my heart that after 50 years
I’ve grown more in love with you
Than when we first said “I do”

Verse 2 (Female)
Yes, God led us to romance
And joyfully we’re sharing in this dance
On this golden anniversary
I praise the God who brought you near to me
Though there’s been trials, there’s been tears
We’ve had great triumphs, sweetheart, lots of cheer
We’re two hearts that beat as one
God’s light shining like the sun
On us, in us, through us, love, we shine

What God has joined together
Has stood the test of time
My dearest, I’m completely yours
And I know that you are mine
Great stuff Mark. Lyrics are fabulous, look forward to hearing it - I bet they loved it! God Bless. Lorraine
Beautiful! Glad the Spirit moved to create this for you and the blessed couple!
I'll Be - The Goo Goo Dolls.
You will want to change the lyric "I'll be loves suicide"
I dont like that lyric anyway.
It sounds good just as an acoustic song as well.
I think "I'll be" is by Edwin McCain.
I was originally thinking Mark Schultz's "Walking Her Home" but realized that the final verse wouldn't really fit that well...I like the one you wrote!!


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