Has anyone come across some good new contemporary christmas songs or new arrangement of tranditionals that sound contemporary?

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We Adore You by Paul Baloche
(We are using this song at CBCFC this year) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR7_GySk9Fs

How Great Is Our God by Chris Tomlin with Christmas Lyrics by Larry Carlson (This went over very well in worship last year.)

When You Came Down by Jim Wagy and Joshua Gleave (Sung by Luke Weese)
I came across this in "The Finished Works" group of WTR. It is extremely well written. (We intend to use it at CBCFC this year.)

Loves Pure Light by Craig Anderson

What Kind of Throne by Joel Payne from RESOUNDworship.org. (RESOUNDworship.org is a Christian writer's guild of sorts. They provide mp3's and charts of their music at no cost. They only ask that you record your usage with CCLI.)

Adore You by Kari Jobe

Glory to God by Lincoln Brewster

Messiah's Song by Jared Anderson

Jesus Saves by Travis Cottrell
(Alot of folks use this for Easter, but it would be a good choice with the right message for Christmas) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKoCkgdoYP0
David--I haven't seen or heard the Christmas lyrics to How Great Is Our God, and my search came up empty. Where are those available?

I found this version which is great.... lyrics by Jason Holdridge, a pastor in Michigan:

The King of Majesty, born in poverty
A stable for His home
A stable for His home

He wrapped Himself in flesh, skin held righteousness
The manger was His throne
The manger was His throne

How Great is our God, sing with me, How Great is our God
And all will see How great, How great is our God.

With heaven born to earth, hope began to birth
In every human soul
In every human soul

This little life contained, the blood to cleanse our stains
And wash us white as snow
And wash us white as snow

You’re the God who makes a way
In the darkest of our days
So my heart must say, “How great is our God!”
i quite like this actually, very clever in places and top marks for getting snow into the song for christmas time!
Verse 1:
The wonder of a babe, born the world to save,
Emmanuel is He, come to set us free
A baby yet a King, baby yet a King
Emmanuel is He, come to set us free

Verse 2:
The shepherds came to see, behold the mystery;
O come let us adore, O come let us adore
We celebrate His birth, Our Savior come to earth
O sing and lift your voice, O sing and lift your voice

They are credited to a guy named Larry Carlson.
interesting re write! cant help but think it was written by yoda rather than larry carlson!
Here's a couple I've used:

Tomlin's "All Bow Down" pairs nicely with "O Come All Faithful"- in G
Light of the Stable- Selah
Redeemer King- David Moffitt
Offering (w/ Christmas verse)- Baloche
theres a few here:


check out 'What kind of throne', 'On Christmas day' and the latest one 'You bring peace'.

God bless,
We are using "Offering" (Christmas version) by Paul Baloche.
Well, (ahem) you could try my offering here - http://www.worshiptherock.com/forum/topics/new-songs-for-christmas?...
Although admittedly it was designed more for performance than congregational participation, but hey, so was 'How he loves' as I understand it....
After years of doing Christmas songs only one week a year (wl didn't like doing them) we now have a worship leader who not only wants to build them up through the month of December (possibly with one on Nov 28th) we're also going to do a full set of Christmas carols/worship in the nursing home he works at. I'm going to attempt to talk them all into doing 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' in 5/4 time. I have a jazz version with numerous chord and signature changes, but will settle for a simple chord progression. Does anyone have a simple chord progression for this one?
"The Rest of the Story" by Tony Guerrero & Phil Sillas -- chart attached



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