I asked my pastor what he thought about a song I had planned to do in a few weeks. He said he didn't care for it except on the radio and didn't think our people would like it.But it fits great with his sermon.

How do you react to that. He didn't say not do it. Also know that this pastor just started with us 3 months ago.

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Is there any chance you could perform the song as a solo/offertory/special music and see what kind of feedback you get from that?
idk what he means - I don't know what he means.

He could very well mean that he doesn't think it's a good congregational song. - that's prob a valid opinion.

Sometimes even I have thought of songs as "radio songs" rather than congregational singable songs until I hear it being sung by a real congregation. - (and vice versa) it's hard to guess that.
I agree that he probably means it's a good performance song and not one that the people could easily sing along with. So then I'd do it as special music.

Sometimes we forget that not everyone can do vocal gymnastics. Even slight offbeat timings are difficult for your average church member, especially if they are older school. I'm sure you know this, but remember that we are there to serve, not just play songs that we like.

Just a word to the wise: You asked for his opinion and he gave it. So don't judge him on that or be resentful in any way. Rather, take it as an opinion and study it to see what you can learn from it. Don't be afraid to ask for clarification should you need it. In the end, it's only an opinion, and you as the worship leader need to make the final decision, preferrably one you're ready to live with. :)
Do you know if your pastor was speaking of congregational use vs. solo use? If that is the only question, and he is all right with you doing it as a "special" -- there are a lot of songs that are better listened to be a congregation than sung by them (for a variety of reasons, not just how easy or hard they are). Listening itself is a primary act of worship (listening is at least half of prayer!)

Now I don't know the pastor, people, specific mission, demographic, music styles or other aspects of your church. "He Was Despised" from Handel's Messiah would fit great with any Good Friday sermon; but in a Contemporary Service for Gang Members with Tattoos it might not work so well. There are times, though, that a song that is "different" can have powerful effect. Many great pieces of music have been introduced with grave doubts as to whether anyone would listen. And quite a few of Jesus' own people didn't like what He had to say (check out his first sermon in Luke 4).

Each church has its own authority structure; in many, the Pastor is responsible to form an overall goals and a general (sometimes specific) style for the church (some use the word "vision"), and that vision includes music to a high degree. In others, the Pastor simply wants to have good music and interpersonal harmony in the church. Does your pastor know how you see the song you like fitting with his sermon?
I need to talk with him more because when I texted him I got a response I wasn't sure about on his philosophy of what worship is. In a nutshell he said worship songs should be to God and be more vertical than horizontal. That's another conversation so don't get hung up on that. I did ask his opinion and have no problem with it. It was just a little unclear.

He said he liked the song but wasn't sure it was a vertical song. We are already doing a special that Sunday. Plus I've used this song in the past and it worked well. I was just trying to get his opinion on this certain song to see where his heart was. It's not a deal breaker so we're gonna do it. But we need to talk a little more to get clarification on what he means as his philosophy of worship.
The more good, honest, friendly communication with your Pastor, the better!

All of our song choices go before our Elder in charge of worship for approval before we use them. I've never been turned down either, so I guess I'm doing something right. 


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