hi guys,


i know its october! but just wandering what good material anyone has found for christmas this year?


some friends of mine have written some great ones here:




esp the very popular 'what kind of throne' and 'on christmas day', plus a great new one just realised called 'you bring peace'.


graham kendrick realised a great album recently called 'dreaming of a holy night' which has some

terrific stuff on it also.


i also love 'how many kings' by downhere.


any other ideas?


God bless,



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Well, I've got one - written, no recordings, unless you count the Sibelius sound file. I've attached the PDF. Feel free to use it, but let me know first. It's probably more a choir / solo piece as an appeal rather than a worship/ congregation / participation song. And if you can record it live, let me have a recording.
nice work nathaniel! any chance of posting the lyrics separately to the music, its just a lot easier to read through.

God bless,
Like so!


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