A lot of the new worship music I have been listening to lately is predominantly male vocalists, and quite high too.  Examples such as Chris Tomlin, Tim Hughes, Lincoln Brewster, Hillsong (some, not all) and other music seem to all have male voices leading the majority of the songs.


I'm not saying this is a general rule, just maybe my taste in music...


What female worship artists would you recommend that I listen to in order to find some new material to introduce into my church? links to youtube would help greatly...



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Look up songs by Lou Fellingham (Phatfish) here's a slow one:http://youtu.be/l86r3DoW8jw 

Check up on Vicky Beeching I'm not sure what new songs she has.


Thanks, I'll check those out
Kari Jobe (GAteway Worship) has some lovely songs...loads on Youtube
thanks - i'll get listening right away :D
I'm just curious: for most folks, does the voice pitch figure in when choosing a song? Or is it pretty obvious that you change the key to suit?  We've run into some songs of late that are very tricky - kind of rangy and hard to cover from top to bottom.


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