Just wondering what new worship songs from this year (i.e. 2010) have caught your imagination? Is there a particular worship song that was new to you recently, but now seems like you've known it for ages? These songs are often the ones that are congregational and easy to pick up.

Looking forward to seeing which new worship songs are popular amongst our members!

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Are you talking about brand new songs released this year and not something redone that happened to come out this year? I haven't heard anything new that's 'caught my imagination' in 2010. I really like Marie Barnett's "Heaven Came Down" cd, but that came out late in 2009.
Hi Michael,

Sorry - I wasn't totally clear. They don't have to be new worship songs published in 2010 (but they may well be). They might be songs from last year that you've just recently come across and started using.

I guess it's just a good way to share new music with each other and brainstorm new worship songs.

I don't know if these songs are new but I love the worship leader Carl Cartee and we implemented some of his songs into our worship and our congregation just loves them- specifically "Honestly" and "Where you Are", we also have been playing some worship Songs from Victory church-one of my favorites entitled "Carried Away". Don't know if that helps but those are the songs we've been playing in our church and they have been a blessing indeed.
It's not new, but to our congregation "Our God Saves" has taken hold and inspired us. This week we are introducing Passion's new song "Our God." I sang it with our choir on Wed and I'm anxious to see how it resonates with our people.
"Our God" is a great new one.
Wow. There are quite a few tunes that have been hitting us this year. Brandon Heath's "Give Me Your Eyes", I love "Saviour Please", Brian Doerksen's "Holy God" is so anointed it never fails to strike a chord or two, "Revelation Song" is also a favourite...
"Holy God" is truly inspirational
This is one of my favorite songs ever written. Brian D has a tru gift. If you get the chance to, there is another version of this song By Michael Larsen.
I just heard Devon Kauflin, Bob Kauflin's son, lead a song called "All I Have Is Christ" and it really grabbed my heart. It's definitely one I'll be teaching the church.
This is a great thread, I can really use more sources for good material. There's a lot of good material out there, but as you folks know, not everything works in every congregation.

We just introduced "How Deep The Father's Love For Us". Not a very new song, but really good.
Blessed is the One - CFNI Worship
Christ is lifted up - Jeremy Riddle
you can depend on CFNI to have great worship songs.


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