Just wondering what new worship songs from this year (i.e. 2010) have caught your imagination? Is there a particular worship song that was new to you recently, but now seems like you've known it for ages? These songs are often the ones that are congregational and easy to pick up.

Looking forward to seeing which new worship songs are popular amongst our members!

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I don't know if it's a new song but William McDowell's "I Give Myself Away" is a great song - simple and congregationally easy as I learnt it at a Conference and it stuck after one turn with it.

I have just introduced "(You're) Beautiful" by Phil Wickham. Great song with a very easy refrain that people can be singing right away even if they don't pick up on the rest of the song right away.

Another relatively new song for us is "Our God Saves" by Paul Baloche. We've also introduced a couple of original tunes, with more in the works. I plan on introducing the following songs in the coming weeks:

Cannons by Phil Wickham
Desert Song by Hillsong United
All I Need is You by Hillsong United
You Hold Me Now by Hillsong United
Inside by Jared Anderson
Thank you so much. God bless you. Please pray about www.ccwlc.org Nov1-4, 2010 Calvary Chapel worship life conference at Murrietta.
We've introduced a lot of new material over the past year and especially the past 6 months with a new worship leader taking the reigns. Some older stuff and some newer. Some have 'stuck' and others have already been discarded for various reasons. The ones that have really captured the congregation seem to be:

Revelation Song--Jennie Lee Riddle--has been done with keyboard dominant with full band and heavy sax presence, ditto with guitar dominant, ag and 4 vocalists, ag and solo vocalist, and numerous combos in between and has gone over extremely well in all cases. The congregation just loves the message.
As Children and What Can I Bring--Jeremy Riddle--These were introduced during great turmoil in the church (pastor left among other things) and seemed to encourage us all in a time of hopelessness. I am awestruck on the anointing that "What Can I Bring" has had on this congregation the few times we've done it. Guest pastor openly wept on Easter during this one.
Hungry--Kathryn Scott--much older song just introduced recently that has captured the mood of the church
I love "All Is Well" written by Johnny Parks and on Robin Mark's newest album. It is "rangey" but I'd love to get it into service somehow.
In one of our services the congregation really connected with the struggle found in Starfield's "Rediscover You" and Casting Crowns "Somewhere in the Middle". I've loved SIIM for years. The last time I felt led to use that song we had a guest speaker I didn't know who opened with a story of finding God through a tragic moment in his life.

On the typical P&W side I like "Cannons", "Our God Saves", Leeland's "Follow You", and have been planning to introduce Matt Redman's God of Our Yesterdays for some time. Just waiting for the opportunity.
The stuff that sparks my imagination : Bethel (Johnson's stuff, and the whole Jesus Culture group), IHOP music (Misty Edwards, Tim Reimer sp?) United Pursuit Band - some simple and wonderful worship (listen to Running in Circles), Gungor (You make beautiful things) Planet Shakers, etc. etc. ...some is pretty new so has to be delicately sprinkled in amongst sets of more known tunes. : )
One new one we started doing is called "First Love" by Jeremy Horn. It is a great song, it's very upbeat, easy to learn and sing. One song I am trying to bring to the team is called "Garden" by NeedtoBreathe. They are an awesome band and their new CD is very much worth buying.
Interesting to see "I Walk by Faith" by Chris Falson in your list. He's an old friend of mine and I remember when he wrote this song. We sang it all the time at our church. I was a part of the video team at the church at the time and I was one of the camera crew who shot the live album this song was on. If you've ever seen the video they are my feet walking along the beach during the video of this song!
Dear Jack;
Nice list! Thanks for alphabetizing it! I'm going to hit You Tube and listen to as many as I can. I'm getting tired of learning Hillsong songs.
well.. i do not know when this song was released but I hear in Joel Osteeen's new breed praise and worship all the time. Chris Tomlin's Grace is enough. i sing and the church is ministered to in a way I have never fathomed.
We've been using a few new ones for us in 2010 or late 2009.

How He Loves - John Mark McMillan
Say Say - Kristian Stanfill
Sing Sing Sing - Tomlin
Glory to God Forever - Fee


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