Just wondering what new worship songs from this year (i.e. 2012) have caught your imagination? Is there a particular worship song that was new to you recently, but now seems like you've known it for ages? These songs are often the ones that are congregational and easy to pick up.

Looking forward to seeing which new 2012 worship songs are popular amongst our members!

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Second Chance by Rend Collective Experiment.  These guys are awesome.

I like the song "White Flag" by Chris Tomlin. I witnessed the movement of the spirit personally at Passion 2012. Such a great song with powerful wisdom and surrender. 

I reeeally like the Pas Neos album "The Wheat & The Tares"... 


My daughter (Sarynne) also just recorded her first song. It's about Christians not believing in miracles...


Ok.....anybody heard any 'great' new songs?

Ed Fuchs' new CD - Set Us Ablaze. It's on bandcamp (http://edfuchsmusic.bandcamp.com). I like all the songs, but Return to Innocence is my favorite...especially the ending :)

I recently heard At your make by Phil Wickham.
Amazing lyrics! Easy to memorize :)

I know a lot of people/churches that have been doing the 'updated' version of "Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee/I've Got The Joy"... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQpRERhwaZY

I also just wrote & recorded a new Worship song/video called "Entwined"...


If anyone REEEALLY likes Entwined,

my original Verse ("Shine...") chords are  F ---- Am ---- Bb ---- F ---- 

& chorus ("I can feel...") are  F ---- Am/E ---- Bb/D ---- F/C -- F --

"White Flag" by Chris Tomlin.  This year's "Here for You"  Who's hopping on the bandwagon?

Not me/us.  Aside from 'How Great is Our God' we do little to none the material he writes for some reason. 

Thank you for checking out my new music I really appreciate it.

The Greatness of our God has become a favorite

Your Name, Revelation Song, and Our God are three that we seem to be doing a lot.

My new favorite is Your Great Name. I don;t know who wrote but heard Natalie Grant sang it at a Songwriters in the Round in Nashville a couple years ago and we do it all the time now.

  • God Is With Us Now by Gateway Worship is new to our church and seems to have taken off. Really raises the energy level.
  • Rooftops by Fellowship Church in Dallas is one everyone is excited about learning. (the plan is to use it on Easter) I've only seen it on itunes, but I'm sure it will be picked up on Napster/Rhapsody soon and will be available on CD later this month. (our team just returned from the C3 conference in Grapevine, TX)
  • Set Free by Matt redman, Ben Fielding, Jason Ingram, Chris Tomlin is another high energy song that's been adopted by our congregation as a wake and worship tune.
  • Check out http://worshipleader.com/ the Song Discovery discs usually do a really good job of showcasing new music and you get the chord charts along with the subscription.


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