ive been leading worship for about 8 months at my church... and the worship is good but im still having a hard time talking and transitioning into the next song its breaking my heart that i have a wall there my brother is the pastor of the church and family wise he was the talker.. and i was the singer... and now since my God has called me to the worship ministry i need to break that wall but its hard if you have any ideas how to jump this hurdle or totally demolish the wall let me know??? thanks in advance!!

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what exactly is the hard time you're having with speaking; is it knowing what to say, how to say it, or being given the authority by your pastor (and brother)?
I used to worry about this too, 'cos I'm definitely not a talker, I don't find it easy at all. One person used to try to push me into saying more and told me some phrases I should use, but it never felt right because it wasn't coming from my heart, it was pre-rehearsed stuff, so I didn't do it. All I do now is say a few words at the start, that come from the heart. In between songs, one of the other instrumentalists keeps the flow of the music going and all I do is say the song number or title of song. I don't worry about it now, 'cos I figure people aren't there to hear me talk (I'll leave that to the preacher) but to worship Him. I think you and your church are very blessed that you provide good worship, and the combination of you and your brother, WOW. I know you will get some great practical advice on this thread about talking, which I am unable to give you, but all I can say is that I have come to terms with my situation and no longer feel the need or desire to talk much (believe me, I have a hard enough time talking on here) as God has blessed me with other gifts that I am eternally grateful for. Lorraine
Hey Dallas...give this a read and tell me what you think.

I have to agree with everthing I am reading here from the other replies. Working on the transitions inbetween songs is something that takes work with your band. I have had a mixture of musicians over my years of leading worship and it has been my find that you need to communicate how you want to transition to your band and then let it go. Some worshippers want to hear a story between a song but not every song. I am also a teaching elder so the talking thing is very natural but don't force it. If want you say doesn't help others grow closer to God in worship, it is not worth saying. I am big encourager of reading scripture in the worship service so start there and led God's word speak, don't try to say something that is for a show or something that is un natural for you. Let God speak.
I like to talk if it is beneficial for the worship time. Sometimes, I just get quiet after the song with a little guitar playing softly and allow the Spirit to speak. If He doesn't want me to speak, I don't speak. Sometimes that happens and we have a moment of quietness before the Lord. Sometimes he may speak to someone else, and they speak. I love it when that happens.

The transitions thing mentioned is real good advice. So there's no need to speak again on that one.

Scripture is great way to communicate not only in between the songs but even in the middle of a song. My take is, we are not a concert. We are leading people in worship, so that means if a song needs to pause singing wise and you need to say something or pray or recite scripture, then do it. Song is not for the pleasing of our ears, it's for the sacrifice of praise with song for the Lord to enjoy! Audience of one anybody?

I like to take the songs that we are gonna do on Sunday and use them for my personal time of worship at home, then whatever happens Sunday is an overflow of my personal worship time. Don't be afraid to speak, if God lays something on your heart to say. But if He doesn't then you better keep quiet.

I mentioned it before in another topic, I think there is a difference in being a song leader and a worship leader/pastor. Song leaders do just that, lead the singing. Worship leaders/pastors, do just that, pastor or lead the church in worship which includes but is not limited to singing, prayer, scripture, prophecy, and so forth.

I encourage you to edify the church in speech as well as singing. I do! Some would disagree which is fine. My church has expressed to me they love it when I speak in the middle of worship. My speech is encouraging and edifying. So do it and see what kinda response you get. Each church is different.
song changes are something our team has really tried to work on in the last month. We're about 9 months along so I understand a bit of that "wall" feeling. I think just about any skill feels like that at times, all I can say is keep pushing. With songs in the same key and speed we usually intro a few measures (four counts) of the next song before singing. It's an easy way to keep people standing and singing.
When speaking we usually do that if the song changes rhythm or key. It's a good way to reset the band for the next song. Try to keep it short and sweet (as God dictates). It's also good to have your guitarist start playing the intro softly before you stop speaking. As far as what to say look more at why/what needs to be said. Don't feel pressured to say something at the same time, or the same way, every Sunday. If you are speaking to start more reflection or a clam in the worship set perhaps an explanation about the next song or a correlating verse. If you're speaking as people are coming to their seats you could talk about something God did for you that week.
Lastly don't get discouraged about hitting a wall it only means you've come to the point of getting better. Everyone gets there (or I keep telling myself that jk)
God bless,
I'll tell ya...that is probably one of the most difficult parts of worship to 'work' on. Our roles as leaders are to help facilitate the rest of the congregation, and sometimes talking gets in the way of that. There are weeks, when God lays something on my heart that is so strong, that I know I'm supposed to open my mouth... and then there are weeks when I am just silent before Him.. and that's o.k. too. One thing I can tell you, if you feel as if you are supposed to say something in a spot, but are struggling with the 'WHAT" part.. start with scripture. Go through your sets and go back to the scriptures that support the songs. His word never returns void, and I am a firm believer that there is power in speaking it out loud! The other thing I've learned, is that it doesn't always have to be me that speaks. There are days when I don't say anything outside of leading the actual songs. Often I ask others to either read a scripture, or testify, or pray in a particular spot. Sometimes leading means equipping others to lead too. Don't feel pressured to jump that wall...give it to the Lord, and He will supply you with the answers! --Angela
Wow thats exactly what ive needed to hear... i knew it all along but thats exactly what i needed to hear!! Thank You Jesus... thank you all that replied to this post... keep praising our God! God Bless everyone in service TMW!!!
Guess what! The less talk, the better! Leave the talking for the preaching! Relax--I've been leading worship for about 30 years now and have found that what we need as worshippers is less talk and more worship...just transition from song to song, if God gives you an encouraging phrase, say it, but go on to the next song! God bless you!
There is a time to talk. :)

Remember, the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy (Revelations - somewhere near the end) and because worship leaders are testifying (via song) of Jesus, we can expect them to move in the Spirit of prophecy, whether they believe in it or not.

And remember, when King David organized the Levites and musicians, he organized them to prophesy. And the key word is 'organized'. It's not a random off the cuff thing in the worship context. What I am trying to say is this: as a worship leader you will do well to study the gift of prophecy as described in the Bible, so when you have to move in it as part of your worship leading duties you are ready and prepared. :)
Definitely, there is a time to talk. And a time to not.

I organize my worship sets so that I can transition from one song into another without stopping. If I have five songs to do, I may do one song, greet everyone, pray, do two up-tempo" songs, and two "slower" songs. There is a natural break between the "up-temp" and "slower" songs, and you may only say "praise the Lord, Amen?", or you may just pause and let the silence weigh on the congregation for a while.

BTW, one thing I often do, based on years of "if it can go wrong, .." -- I tape my song sets that transition one to another together. I do this so they can't get separated, so there is not "page turning" moment.

Example sets:
"Come, Now is the Time to Worship" in key [D], last chorus in key [E]. Go straight to "Open the Eyes of My Heart" in key [E].
Stop, pray, shift papers, then
"All in All" in [D], ending on [G -> A -> G -> A "Here I am to Worship"], and go straight into "Here I am to Worship" in [D].
I agree with many of the points, especially the planning stages. If you have a program director or someone of that ilk, they need to be involved as well. But you need to take charge of plotting out the flow during the praise set and the segues in and out of the music. You need to have a grasp of what it's going to sound like going from Song X to Song Y and on down the line. If you anticipate some time elapsing between two songs, that's where you should consider some spoken word.

I'd suggest making a flowsheet for every Sunday, which can be duplicated for all the members of the worship team. That way they know what you're expecting with regards to the transitions. If you need to speak a few lines, perhaps communicate to your band know to start the next song while your speaking, softly if possible. If you can find creative ways to build bridges between songs (modulations etc), then that would help too.

Is there anything that says that the Holy Spirit only leads us during a Praise Set?


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