ive been leading worship for about 8 months at my church... and the worship is good but im still having a hard time talking and transitioning into the next song its breaking my heart that i have a wall there my brother is the pastor of the church and family wise he was the talker.. and i was the singer... and now since my God has called me to the worship ministry i need to break that wall but its hard if you have any ideas how to jump this hurdle or totally demolish the wall let me know??? thanks in advance!!

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That's a good point.

In my experience, He doesn't just lead during a praise set, but I think it is something I have taken for granted, and I shouldn't have. Thanks for bringing this to my mind. Praise God!
hi good day to you!! well, i know how it feels like coz i experienced the same as yours.. what i did? - i prayed. knelt down before GOD. said everything to Him.. i even wanted to step back.. but He wants me to keep going.. it is just by God's grace actually, who totally twisted everything.. i myself was just amazed by it.. when time comes that it would become a burden of yours, just pause for a while and talk a lil bit and listen to His voice more. we lead people but we are not the one who totally control it, even the words we are trying to speak. let God's presence just flow, be sensitive, and , the worship doesn't matter about the instruments used or the voice quality of the leader but it's a matter of one's heart. God sees our hearts.

may be blessed by this!! God bless!! keep the fire burning... -apple
hey guys wow again thanks soooo much!! im loving this.. im soaking it up like a sponge... God Alive!! its amazing! Thanks SOOO MUCH ONCE AGAIN!
Planning your song transitions ahead of time is a wise thing to do. And the transition might mean saying something or it might be just playing something on the keys or guitar while people just listen. I'm not a big one for letting the worship leaders talk a lot - it's usually not in their skill set!

Sometimes I'll pick out a few verses that I'd like to have read between songs, and I'll type them in big letters on a single page and then give it to one of the BGVs to read. That takes the pressure off of you, and also gives the band time to be ready for the next song.


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