Hey Everybody! This is my first WTR song post. I'd love to hear what you think if this song. I'm really trying to get better at worship song writing. I appreciate any and all comments and suggestions. Thanks!

No Other Name

No other name as precious as the name
there's no other name as precious as the name
of Jesus. Oh of Jesus

how can we stay the same
how can we not be changed
In Love that will never fail
Love that will never fade (repeat)

For the glory and the power
For the glory of your name (repeat)

Love that never fades
Your Love will never change
Lord we want to see your glory

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amen! no other name in which we can be saved - then why do so many avoid obeying Acts 2:38

everything I do in word or deed , I do in Jesus name , there is where the blood is applied and there is where the power lies, do you ever see them casting out demons in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost - NO because the power is in the name , not titles. And when you utter the name of Jesus, everything that God was - is - and is to come is in that name above all names and all titles.

although your lyrics are simple the Spirit of God can move in anything if....... the people will worship in Spirit and Truth, so you keep seek the kingdom of God with your whole heart and let the Holy Ghost lead you into all truth and whether the Lord gives you lyrics in prayer time, in your sleep or whatever the case may be, let the spirit do the writing and I will guarantee you will see great and mighty works in your life and ministry. We ourselves are having old time pentecostal revival , sseing people saved , baptized in Jesus name , filled with the Holy Ghost and bodies healed, people raised off their sickbed- it is awesome, I pray you experience that in your life too. Lord Bless!


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